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  1. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    Wow, over a year and half since the last post in here. How sad!
  2. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    Where oh where has our Golden gone? Where oh where can he be?
  3. Dear Corey, why do I have this intense attraction to my bowl of noodles?
  4. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    You could probably use this for the forum as a whole. It's sad when you see a grand total of 8 members signed in to the entire forum...as of this post anyway.
  5. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    Lynchings are so last century TOP
  6. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    I couldn't stay away forever.Hope all is well with the wifey.
  7. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    That's assuming anyone is around anymore. It seems like I haven't missed much in the past few years.
  8. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    fuckers, fuckers, fuckersWhat's up fellas?
  9. I had completely forgot about this thread. Unfortunately, just like the Hideout it is dead as well.
  10. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    Just wow!!!6 months to proceed from page 2000 to 2005. That's 200 posts just to get to page 2005 from 2000.I hate to say it, but we'd be best off closing it up. We had a very good run, but like what most of us have already done...it's time to move on.
  11. aadams_22

    The Hideout

    Well, I missed Party 2000. That aside what's up bitches?
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