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  1. I bet he instantly regrets that decision.
  2. They wrote up a story about him in the new Maxim about how they moved out of the states to pursue playing poker. It's a good read and cool to know someone made it from the forums! Can't find a link to it but it's in the new December edition.
  3. This. After I beat Reach on Legendary I stopped playing it and probably won't again until I feel the need to get that last achievement for buying something that takes a Lt. Col. 3 rank.
  4. Bored at work but I'm glad I decided to bring my pup along, she is keeping things entertaining. Sorry for the shitty photo, our camera here blows.
  5. Shipped $20 to Fulltilt from AgentOfAnarchy.
  6. Tehtoe, I don't see how you play Demolition. That gametype pisses me off to no end.
  7. Also, when compared to Recovery, Relapse does come off as a weak album.
  8. Ciara The whole video is painfully sexy but skip to :45 to see what I'd give any appendage for.
  9. Someone got that Million dollar prize for pitching a perfect game.http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100505/ap_on_...ball_perfection
  10. I'd be down to play also, I'm usually on around 10ish on the weekdays and whenever I get some free time on the weekends. GB is always just a bunch of kids crying and then never reporting when the lose.
  11. If you guys get a chance my girlfriend is really into Dragon Age and I guess they're doing some raffle here soon for some cool stuff like a DA themed Xbox 360 and such. You bid on stuff with points you get from people clicking your link so if you can just go to this page and type in a birthdate and thats it I would appreciate it. If any of you guys like DA or Mass Effect 2 they have some cool prizes and if you post your links up I'll click em back.http://social.bioware.com/brc/1561470
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