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  1. How about the second accusation? Also not credible? What about the 3rd woman that Avenatti stated he is now representing? Not credible? It must just be those crafty Dems convincing a bunch of women he went to school with to make up accusations and have their lives put under the public microscope, all as part of an elaborate smear campaign. Yeah, that totally seems more likely than him being a creep who actually did these things
  2. Nobody should get a pass for this kind of thing whether they admitted it voluntarily or not, but the paragraph below makes sense to me. Booker is an elected official who, every six years, stands before voters. If voters believe his groping incident -- or any other element of his past or present -- is disqualifying, they get to have their say. They can vote him out. That's not the situation in which Kavanaugh finds himself. He has been nominated to a lifetime appointment on the most powerful court in the country. The public won't ever get to offer up its judgment on his character -- that wi
  3. Been on vacation for the past week so I really have been limited to my phone, but I actually forgot all about this, so thanks for reminding me. I'm back home tomorrow so I'll happily go into more detail then. I should note that I stand zero chance of convincing Brvy that I'm not a religious bigot despite the fact that his last reply to Bob confirmed what I was arguing about all along. Which is that the religious right will happily stamp their approval of Trump and everything that comes along with him (racism, misogyny, discriminatory policies, etc.) so long as their socially conservat
  4. Oh my you are dense. I'll respond to this drivel when I'm not on my phone. And I love the faux outrage, Brvy. I can't wait to hear more about how I'm a religious bigot who viciously verbally assaulted you for being a Christian
  5. Go ahead and bookmark it for easy reference. I'm not obsessed with hating Trump and won't try to drag him into every debate like the right does with the Clintons. And just so we are clear, you could lock them both up for all I care. The fact that they haven't been held accountable isn't justification to excuse all the f'd up shit that Trump is saying and doing. The Jesus comment was indeed made in jest, but it was made to highlight the hypocrisy of the religious right, a group that I very much believe you align with. And I believe that group as a whole is more than willing to overlo
  6. My comment has to do with the religious right being full of sh*t. They are more than happy to ignore the 'teachings of Christ' in exchange for political gain. And how many more years or presidents will we need to have before the right ceases with their obsession with the Clintons?
  7. Oh silly me, I thought we were comparing wiki pages of alleged sexual misconduct between the guy who last held office in 2001 and the current POTUS. Remember Brvy, Jesus is watching...
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_sexual_misconduct_allegations looks like someone else got their own wiki page too
  9. anyone remember how many women have accused Trump of sexual harrassment/assault/misconduct?
  10. Giuliani is an absolute gem. Please never stop doing interviews.
  11. glad you guys are safe. man we live in a f'd up world
  12. Delete this thread Bob. He's just trolling at this point. Jerry West at 6??? Lebron at 9??? No Magic? Kevin Durant top10?? Go bleep yourself
  13. Worth it. Prez >>>>>> Avon ainec
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