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  1. +1It will be a fun experience and you might run like lava (which will be required to finish well tomorrow)GL
  2. Simple e-mail to Fallsview would have provided you with all the info you needed.
  3. I like opening 2.5x pre here (steal) based on stack sizes and that it is 6 max. Line looks stronger if called. Would call if min-raised as you were.I would like to see some chips in on the flop with your hand. If raised by the pre-flop raiser, I would be looking to get it in with your open-end straight and flush draws
  4. Rose,Do you know what the maximum number of entries will be for each of the tourneys (if there is a max this year)? What about for the super sats they are running the day before each event? Will they still run the super sats (for additional seats) if the tourney(s) fill up prior to the running of the super sats?Thanks
  5. Yeah! I won something tonight!Thanks Bob.Oh and I busted 349th place. Sigh.
  6. Could this thing be responsible for the increase in earthquake and volcanic activity recently?
  7. Crapshoot sats just like before (WPT sats from last year). I'll play a few and bring my run good juice with me.
  8. Looks like they listened to some of my ideas for a better sat pay-out structure.I wonder what the blinds are like.
  9. It is amazing how quick the animals become second fiddle once children come into the picture.My 2 cats have been healthy since my kids have been born so I haven't been put to the decision you are in. Ongoing medical bills can be a real burden in combination with the costs of raising your kids. Tough call.
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