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  1. do you drink, and therefore are hungover?maybe you should just get out the house on the weekends. would be good for you.every day is a donk day online.
  2. i currently have 18,000 playing 2.50 5.. so that's just under 40 buy ins.im only gonna move up when i have 30 buy ins for 5 10.. ie 30k.at lower stakes, you seem to be crushing so id play with 15.. and in the scheme of things, if youlose you will be able to get 50 bucks back from some other source.also, one thing ive found useful, is as im multitabling, ill play 4 table sof 1 - 2, and 2 2.50 - 5s.so its more gradual.keep up the good work, Watch.
  3. i play there. the players are awful. i wouldnt change. its not rigged.
  4. i was popping it up most hands.i folded, and i think foldings the correct play as hes gonna probably shut down if it pairs.
  5. youre playing 2.50 5 pL omaha.. $900 stack.you raise with JJx7, and get 4 callers. pot is $90.a decent player (with $500 stack) bets the pot from the small blind on a flop of 7h9hJc.you have 3 players to act behind you. (that could potentially raise.)assuming he has it.. is it correct to call or fold?
  6. just watched the taylor caby trial video. he appears to be psychic.does anyone know why when i try and sign up the page comes up as error script???and how much should i be paying? the %6.99, the $19.99, or the $49.99?any help much appreciated!
  7. well thats a whole bowl of wrong.if a tight player is sticking with you till the river he's gonna have a good hand. we are not int he world series, you are not stu ungar.if a tight player calls you can take a second shot on the turn, but if the board has no flush draw and hes just calling you on the turn, then he's gonna have a solid hand. however if there is a flush dra wthat misses on the river you must always bet. if hes tight/weakthen hes not going to make a play at you, so you dont have to bet much, just get him to throw away a weak pair that was with a flush draw.until the antis have kic
  8. good post. you just have to be sick in the head to play NL fulll time. nothing more to it.
  9. have you heard about the gangster that goes around pulling peoples undewear up?WEGGIE KRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. theres a a big slick club in england. and most uk clubs have many innternet thins where you can cash out an din through club.case closed.
  11. yesterdy i wa sin my local card club £5 £5 PL HE game.i made it 15 utg with JJ. got 6 callers. flop KcJc4ci move in for £105, guy to left calls. my friend moves all in over the top for £500, the guy on my right calls this bet, and the other guy who calls the first bet of 105 calls the overraise!guy to my left has 444, my friend has Qc9c, and guy on my right has Acx.turns a Qd, rivers a K! so i fill uo and win the £500 side.mad hand.
  12. i've never thought of that so clearly. i find myself doing that, where i call someone down because i want to prove that he was a bigtimedonkey and i knew where he was at. now that i will think of it like this maybe ill be able to indentify it when its happening and cut it out. good post
  13. earl is the best comedy.during the matches he sits with his fingers in his ears because he thinks the crowd hate him and want to jeer at him.when he won the masconi cup once, he jumped up on the table and shouted "IM THE KING OF THE WORLD!"maybe my favourite is when europe (im english) beats america, with steve davis potting the final ball because earl missed a cut shot. confetti flies up everywhere and the europeans are celebrating and going crazy, everyones cheering and in the middle of all the party poppers and comotion earl is in the middle with a glare on his face, setting up the shot th
  14. considering you probably spend all your time on the internet, and are young, i think when you stop playing online you should go and party with friends.my 2 pence
  15. haven't ruled that out.or maybe the fact that you can't even spell 'you're retarded' correctly, indicates that YOU ARE (YOU'RE) the mother****ing retard.
  16. ironic that this makes little, to no, sense.
  17. ye, thats such a good book. think it was jesse alto.and she's not gonna make any money off it. i just asked for advice. and if she is, who actually cares. plus, im not going to buy a godamn house in barbados.so all you fulltimers go ahead and tell everyone you play cards for rent?
  18. how do i go about obtaining a copy of this crappola???pokerbay?
  19. i always find i get a negative response from women about poker. i assume the thought process goes poker player > gambler > alarm bellswhat are some of the occupational lies, if any, that you've told instead of telling people you are a professional poker player? and who'd you tell 'em to?i told this girl i worked on the stock exchange on friday, and she told me she was in property. she told me to buy a house in barbados so i got the digits, and will ring and lie some more, and maybe end up buying a house in barbados cos apparently they only cost one stack of high society.
  20. such a predatorial game.i love it when they say "your chips are going to be mine, keep on playing like that so i can take all your money."IF YOU DO THIS... SHUT THE **** UP
  21. my account on poker bay has been stopped for some reason.and theyre not letting people make new accounts. does anyone know a way round this, NEED to download this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for any info.
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