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  1. Well, I have just invested about $16,000 into some WSOP events not including all the hotel, car, and flight costs. I have been blown away by all of the tournaments being held during the WSOP including the Golden Nugget, Binions, Caesar's, Venitian, and the Bellagio Cup. I have been since 1998, and the growth has been something to see. I have a bad feeling that this is going to be the beginning of the decline. Some of the recent big events have been coming up short to the number of players in past events. I am sure the WSOP will still do well, and the payouts should be great. I think the
  2. Sick, Sick game this week......It was going to take a cooler or two to keep you out of the top 3 this week.Great to see you back on your game. Hope to be at a final table with you very very soon......
  3. I guess I do not see playing often as "grinding it out".I enjoy it way too much.At some point I may get tired of it all myself and take some time off, but I really can not imagine that happening. The competition is great and the everyday challenge is something I look forward to. I guess I just can not relate to the "part time" mentality at this point, and I am older than you, so I am not a newbie with energy to spare. I have no desire to ever be a Doyle, Phil, or Chip. Who needs that headache of being bothered all the time? I want a nice quiet career that lets me do my thing how I want.
  4. I do not play heads up, and I really do not need a bullseye on my back at the Bellagio. I am sure if you play 20-40 or 40-80 stud at the Bellagio I have been in your game. Also 40-80 to 200-400 mixed games. I know it seems like I am calling him out, but it is more of an obervation that many others in the bigger games and tournament circuit have that he has lost his "poker" focus and is not at the top of his game any longer. I am a very good player, not yet a "great" player. I hold my own and do comfortably well. Good luck to you.
  5. I don't recall challenging you to a heads up match. I am not a gambler, I am a poker player. Not going to put my bankroll up in a heads up crapshoot.No, I am not bored making money. I enjoy crushing games with lesser talent. That is the point in poker isn't it? I do have an ego that forces me to play at levels where my profit is minimized.The big thing is that I am a poker player, and you have turned yourself into a media darling that hardly plays anymore or thinks he is too good to play in anything less than a 10K event and it has hurt your game. The game is about winning consistently a
  6. They would crush me eh? Do you know me? Do you know whao I am? Do you know any of my acccomplishments. I didn't think so. I make a very nice consistant comfortable living. That is all I am concerned about. Play low limits with trolls just doesn't do it for me .Have a nice day.....
  7. Wow, I love to get everyone all in a lather.....You trolls who spend all day on here bowing down to DN are hilarious.I got a nice chuckle out of all of this.Thanks to all I needed a good laught this week.THE VEGAS KING
  8. Too worn out to play poker??????Maybe it is better said.....he is tired of getting he ass kicked on the felt and losing money.One the top of his profession, in just a couple of short years has fallen to just another average joe. Did the money go to his head? Just like a professional athlete that signs a big contract and then takes it easy.He has been able to keep his face in the limelight and live off his past successes, but soon everyone will realize that he is just not one of the best any longer.Only playing in a few $10K+ events is just not going to get it done. If he is serious about hi
  9. Tomorrow is going to be so sick. I just hope I survive the next 7 weeks. What a rush!!!!!I plan to add a few pieces of jewlery.Good luck to all!!!!!
  10. It is tryly sad that Daniel is so up and down. How can you go from being on top a few weeks ago to being locked up in your room in one of the greatest places on earth? Is it the money? I hope there are no $$$$ issues. I almost wish he would end his blog and get himself in order. He has everything most people on here want in life and we are hearing a poor me speech. I hope he gets some help and is able to get on track, because if a few bad plays gets him in this kind of funk, he could really be on the verge of a total collapse. Good luck Daniel.......
  11. I remember a discussion last summer on having a smaller H O R S E event or something similar for those of us not willing to pony up the $50K in the WSOP 2007. Has anyone heard of this or has it been mentioned lately? I know Daniel is on the committee to discuss these types of issues. A $2,000-$5,000 event would really be nice.Regards,
  12. Not sure why you would call on the flop. You have nine outs at best and if a 6 does come you could easily be beat by an 8 10, an 8 could also easily lose to a straight, and you may even lose if a 7 hits to a better kicker. My play here is to either raise on the flop $35 at least to see where you really stand or FOLD. You could win it right there or will severely reduce the field and probably get a free card. If you are reraised you can let the hand go. Plenty depends on your opponents and their tendencies. I would always like to take control though and not just be a calling station.
  13. It was a mistake for sure. I am used to having $2k-$4K in play each session, but the table was very weak and I had great position at the table. Overall the $15K isn't going to kill me as I still have 1,000 big blinds for my normal 30-60 game, but the way I lost is what kills the most. I am trying to grow my NLH game as well as my PLO game, unfortunately I just went to high.Regards,
  14. Devastating.Bought in for $10K at a 25-50 NLH game. Played well but was not hitting my draws and was down to $4K. I reloaded with $5K more and was able to get my stack up to $16K finally showing a profit for the night when it all came crashing down in one hand.I was on the button with pocket 8's. It was raised to $150 in front of me by a very agressive player. I called as did the Big Blind who is another quite agressive player. On a flop of 8s 6c 3d the BB bet out $350, the pre-flop raiser folded and I called trying to slow play my monster. The turn card was the Ad and the BB bet out $1,
  15. Why didn't the players at the table force the Bellagio's hand and get Dutch removed from the tournament if the antics were so bad? I believe 100% you are right about the TV cameras being all over it if this was the WSOP and that is truly sad. It get tiresome to see these childish people getting exposure for acting innappropriately. The penalties need to be much more severe. I had a mini blow up put on me by a big name loud mouth, and it took eveything not to just knock his lights out. In retrospect ,I almost wish I would have.
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