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  1. noon pacific. Not sure about other time zones.
  2. Funeral for a FriendI skipped the $1,500 pot-limit event to go to a memorial service for Richie Klamian, a long-time Las Vegas sports bettor and poker player, who passed away far too young last week after a valiant battle with cancer. In attendance was a who’s who of the sports-betting community, including Billy Baxter, Billy Walters, and Jimmy Vaccarro. Richie’s formidable talent in his chosen profession was surpassed only by his goodness as a human being. Tragedies like this put a lot of things into perspective.Seems Like Old TimesOne of the issues long-time players have with the poker explo
  3. I'm not going to do in-depth tournament reports like I have in years past, but I am doing daily blurbs for All In magazine. They can be found at:http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/allinwsop.cfmI'll also try to post them here later in the day. Here are my updates from the first two days:First-Day Notes from Blair RodmanLines and More Lines-How could Harrah’s not have been prepared for the throngs of players? It’s almost inconceivable. Last year the tournament cage was besieged for two days before the first event. This year it didn’t even open until the morning of the first day, leaving players stra
  4. Quick note on the WSOG. I’ll write an in-depth report later in the week. I played my heart out but didn’t win my first round, eliminating me from the event. Rhett Butler, who took 5th at the WSOP ME final table last year, came from way back to beat Matt Othick, who basketball fans might remember as the starting point guard at Arizona from 89-92. Matt kills the ball, bet aggressively and made it hard on the rest of our foursome. On the par three 17th, I had a chance to triple up and get back in it after Matt and Rhett had hit bad shots, but I missed the green also. Rhett made an unbelievable u
  5. Funny how little the outside world understands the gambler’s world and the gambling mentality? The World Series of Golf is going to be an interesting example. After the last practice round at Primm I was helping the organizers with some of the rules. My intention was to close some of the opportunities for players to take “shots”, ploys that would be unethical in a strict golf setting but would fall within their rules. Tom Meeks, recently retired as the USGA’s lead rules official and head rules guy for the WSOG, replied to one of my suggestions that ‘I don’t think anybody is going to do that! I
  6. In early 2006 I met a guy at my country club, Canyon Gate in Las Vegas, named Ken Maul. He knew I was a poker player and told me of a concept he and another member named John Slitz had been working on combining golf and poker, which they had named the World Series of Golf. I’ve heard a lot of far-fetched ideas as to how to package golf and gambling in a way that would appeal to gamblers and the viewing public that didn’t fly, so I was a bit skeptical. The next time I saw Ken we played a few holes with Terry Leiweke, of the sports savvy Leiweke brothers, whom they had brought on board as the W
  7. Scenario, sometime in the future:Online poker is non-existent in the US, either because of government heavy-handedness or because it became a battle of computers, with bots and/or player assist programs becoming the norm, thereby driving the lives ones from the game. In B&M poker rooms, electronic tables have become the norm as card rooms realize the immense savings they offer. Advances in technology have enabled table manufacturers to make the experience much more realistic for players than the original models. Sophisticated computer technology has virtually eliminated cheating and collus
  8. Threads like this come up every year. The funny thing is that the dealers who get involved in the threads are happy to plea their case, but I've never gotten one of them to tell us a real figure on how much they made. Here's a post I wrote from two years ago that may help explain why:When I took second in Reno, I got around 327k. They paid me in casino chips. By the table where I got paid was a big box with a sign saying 'tips' on it. I asked the TD directly if the tip had been withheld. He said yes, so I felt no need to tip further. If I had not been forced to tip, I would have tipped about 1
  9. Actually, you can't buy them, from what I understand. They rent for about 6k a month. For the WSOP, that's feasible.
  10. They are being introduced because of the economic and logistical benefits to the card rooms. The anti-cheating benefits are a fortunate by-product for honest players.
  11. I was on a panel yesterday at the World Game Protection Conference. The subject was Cheating in Poker. Anthony Curtis was the moderator and on the panel with me were Sal Piacente, who is an expert in all forms of cheating and who does some amazing card and memory tricks, and Richard Marcus, author of American Roulette and Dirty Poker. I spent some time the night before at the welcome reception talking to Marcus. He’s not my kind of guy—he’s an unrepentant cheater—but I was interested in what he knows. As I suspected from reading Dirty Poker, Marcus doesn’t know a lot about poker. His specialty
  12. My point was that out of all the big buy in tournaments, the WSOP has by far the best EV. There is way more dead money in the Big One and they pay about 10% of the field. There's also a huge overlay for the winner as far as ancillary income goes. This doesn't mean anyone should overextend themselves to take a shot, but if you're going to play one big event, this should be the one.
  13. I moved to Vegas in 1980 and was here until 2001, when I went to Palm Springs, Ca. Moved back to Vegas two years ago.
  14. I remember. You did your best. I can't beleive they let him carry on for so long.
  15. I've had my experience in general:) I think the people I want to hear from will find it here.
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