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  1. That's actually quite sick that you've made $30+ playing 2c/4c Limit holdem. Brag.
  2. GL babylondonks. I'm hoping to get started on 1/2 as well, and hopefullly by the end of this year, aim to be a winning reg at that level on Stars.Which site do u play on btw?
  3. I bought 3 of the 1st April special: 1) Online card protector, 2) CD of pokerplayers singing their national anthems & 3) an entry into North Pole Poker Tournament. Each for 1000 FPPs.Turns out they were $15 instant cash bonuses. I feel scammed.
  4. Discipline is one of mine. I find that sometimes, I start to be really loose, ie opening 34s UTG in a $100NL FR game if the cards have been dead for me for a bit. Usually, this also comes after I've played more than 2 hours continuous. Once I notice it, I'll force myself to quit playing. Make a hot drink and have a couple of cigarettes. It helps for my poker (not health though...).
  5. That's some sick schedule u've got there...
  6. I'll oblige with the photos...especially during the winter months..
  7. Do you mean like on weekends? If you're asking on an annual basis, I get 5 weeks of vacation leave per year and I'll also get 3-4 return air tickets home. So that makes me relatively mobile in that sense. Yeah, I'll be making enough to save up a significant amount and still be able to enjoy a good life. I'm not married nor do I own a house, so financially, my actual needs are quite small.
  8. Sorry man. After I posted this, the gf called and then had to run some errands.
  9. Yeah, I am in a long term job. My boss told me that it'd be good for my career development if I went over to Maldives to head the operations over there. My current job pays me well enough and when I'm over in Maldives, I'll get more in the form of overseas allowances, free housing, etc.
  10. That's quite a cool pic. It'd be nice if someone could come up with a time lapse video montage of Vegas Strip from 1954 to now. The growth is quite scary I think,
  11. My boss spoke to me last week and told me that a few months down the road, I will be posted to Male, the capital of Maldives. I will be there for at least 2 years.This is the photo of the place. Is this a beat or a brag?Beat - Small place, have to rely on bottled water, no fresh vegetables, internet connection may be spotty, limited choices of food, global warmingBrag - Maldives, sun, sea, girls, fishing, laid back lifestyle, fresh air
  12. One last lol for the night --> Confedrate: i think you need too fix the server
  13. Good night everyone! Great night of LOLs.
  14. LOL @ Stars for not being to handle more than 25 billion hands!
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