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  1. Thanks Bob, that is what I was thinking, with higher amount of entrants is it nessisary (howeber thats spelt) to alter your overall strategy. Will there be many members of fcp playing?
  2. Hey all, I am playing the Sunday Storm on pokerstars tonight, I have never really played many large scale tournaments like this with so many people. Would be grateful of any advice that anyone can give. Thanks
  3. Being as there so many silly questions on these forums...what would u rather be chased by, a horse sized duck or a dozen duck sized horses?
  4. agreed, i do nt see how anyone can argue with that point, players of potential but without moving up and playin the highest limits thats all it is. I know there are many good 5/10 players but there are not many bad 100/200 players etc, unless they have more money than sense.
  5. sorry think i phrased that wrong. I will only have one account but you have the option to deposit in euro or dollars, and the funds stay in the currency u deposited in. So i will be keeping my low stakes in dollars and my higher stakes in euros. I think this shold work, well im hoping lol. Does anyone play the turbo takedown?
  6. Tottally agreed there, it would be silly to drop to the 5/10 at this stage when you are playing a regular 100/200. I wouldnt even consider it. I know this is a lot different, but I am a regular live cash player, I dont play nowhere near 100/200, but play a regular 5/10 and 10/20 (£) at my cardroom, I sat at a 1/2 table a few nights ago and I forgot how different it is. I felt like I was at the .5/.10 microstakes tables on pokerstars. I will post some of the play what went on as I had to write it down i was gobsmacked. It has just proved to me how different the mindset is of players from diffe
  7. LOL that is just crazy though. In response to being "pissy at the table" how would you react if someone done that at a big event, I know I would be pissed off. Fair play pity more people dont speak out rather than let nonsense like that ruin and spoil the event for the other players at the table.Oh and DN, so you can predict future events now aswel as hole cards lol people will be calling you GOD soon haha
  8. lol. good idea. I have thought of an idea, going to try it out sunday.I usually convert funds into $, so when i make my larger deposit seperate from my micro challenge I will deposit in euro, seperating both of the accounts. Hopefully this will work lol.
  9. Hey all, just a quick question,Is there any way of having 2 accounts with pokerstars? I have set myself a challenge but I could do with a seperate account to play the sunday million etc. If not can anyone advise a way to keep track of my challenge whilst still having increased funds for these tournaments?
  10. Ok thanks guys, i will be staking over the next couple of weeks. I have done well in some live cash games recently and dont realy have the time to play the long tournaments of the weeekend, so gna give someone else the chance. May want to rail in a few games beforehand just too "scout" maybe. Is this ok?Any1 interested leave pokerstars username, tournament preference (turbo etc), stakes usually played, time usually online (and time zone). Thanks guys.
  11. I am looking to stake some players soon, but i need some info...does it work?how do i know who to trust?what ratio is good?best days to stake?
  12. Thanks for the advice fighter, i have always tried to put people on hands, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. I find sitting at a table for 3 hours long enough to realise betting patterns etc which i why i play alot of live cash play. I think this is my problem online, i cant focus as much. Had a bad night at the tables last night, only £1/2 though thankfully nothing i played held up. Lets hope tonights games a bit better.
  13. sure did mills, posting in a limit thread didnt realise. lol i dont know much about limit poker.
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