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  1. Congrats James, you beat me again . Where would you like me to send?
  2. Ya your in the wrong here AJ, should'nt have posted that on the internet unprovoked.
  3. Ok I want some more action on my fantasy team, so I'm willing to offer 1.5-1 on a season bet. I'm willing to start from this or next week on and want to put more money down, so my offer is open to anyone, let me know if you want to do some business.*1.5-1 is for everyone except james, but I'll do 1-1 with you James.
  4. Maradona is def rolling the dice, instead of going with players that are super consistant, Idk how he leaves off Cambiasso and Zanetti both thats just lunacy. I think with Dunga its more of an attitude issue, as Ronaldhino has been all over the place for the last few years and is partying>>training and thats not Dungas style.
  5. Ya it was fun, Lampard basically screwed me .I know I had 50 season bets with you James and with Yourboy as well, and 100 with DinkDonk.What was the deal with all the monthlys? Did we continue those or did they just get washed?
  6. dddommmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCongrats buddy!
  7. The AJ call seems pretty terrible.
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