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  1. Looked at your hands more closely. Hand 2, wtf is up with your huge reraise pf?
  2. I quickly glanced the hands. I dont like either. To me there are two spots to fire multiple barrels and it applies to all limits whether is 100NL or 40000NL. The first is what you said. When the turn card comes and changes the relative strength of the board. You should always fire a second barrel and make it a 75% pot bet. The second situation only applies to regs; you had the right idea in hand two, but you didnt think it through. Your stack sizes and bet sizing was horrible. YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOURSELF A POT SIZED BET ON THE RIVER or your getting called all day with the price you gave. You ar
  3. Just saw the results and this is why I gave the advice I gave. (1) you let villan set his price for his draw(2) if turn blanks, villan will probably be done with the hand. He might get it in on the flop; he has enough equity vs your range.(3) if villan had a set of threes or some other made hand, the turn would have killed your action.
  4. Get it in and its not even close. Your not deep, no need to fear monsters under the closet with just one buyin. I would consider losing to flopped flush a cooler.
  5. The form of table selection is obsolete. Just google SpadeEye. It's a table selection tool and datamining tool and its really cheap. It scans all the tables for any limits you choose and gives you stats on all the players that you have hands on.
  6. I would actually either fold or reraise pf, but w/e. Why are u playing on Stars? At 50NL, you NEED the rakeback.
  7. There is no hate in this statement since I know both IRL: for all the money they have, they still can't buy taste. Dual big screens??? That is gross. All their furniture is gross as well. They have decent cars, but with the money they have, they are pretty disgusting as well. It's not even about saving money bc these guys burn cash.
  8. I was at the Bellagio last week and a very interesting ruling came down at the table next to me. The play got to the river and one of the players went all in. All he had left was a wad of $100. The player asked him two or three times how much he had in the roll and each time he responded 5k. The player called. When the money was counted he had 9k. Obviously the player who called only wanted to put in 5k. The floor came over and said he had to pay the full 9k. I find this ridiculous that a person could lie about their stack and still get paid for the real amount. A buddy of mine witnessed somet
  9. It would be very easy to make 1k/month playing 100NL. You are probably going to make 1.5-2k/month in rakeback alone if your playing full time. If you 6 table for 5 hours a day (2 two and half hour sessions), even as a marginal winner, you should pull 4k/month including rakeback.
  10. I hope I'm not getting leveled here. 200NL is about the same as 1000NL was a year ago. High SSNL, MSNL are basically unbearable. HSNL actually has the best game selection since alot of wealty people will jump into a 10k game on Full Tilt just to play; the problem is that the regulars are tough as hell. I think you can blame BLdSWtTRs for the majority of regulars getting ALOT better. He was the first that I know of to 3 bet light on a consistent basis. People caught on and it's an aggro fest now, even at 200NL. A tough 200NL player today, could hold his own vs the top 1kNL players on Party a y
  11. The first thing you should do is sign up for Cardrunners. If you can't afford it, go to pokerbay.org. They have a few espisodes you can download.
  12. I just figured out that there is no reason to play online. So much more money in live play that I'm actually considering moving back to So. Cal to play in the bigger NL games. The best part is, it's all straight cash so the tax man don't gots to know Honestly, even the better regulars are pretty bad.My solution to the boredom of live play is to pretend that I'm in every single hand and try to predict the players cards... it keeps me from falling asleep. That and the $57,000 I'm up this month
  13. The best bet is taking the annuity and selling it.
  14. Spent 100 bucks on tickets. If I win, I will sleep more
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