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  1. Last night lost again, for somereason I really dont seem to be on the side of these hands I play. Maybe from now on I should be the one pushing with hands Like Q-10 or J-8 and such. Really this **** should level out for me right? Anyways someone tell me how to do the hand history thing so I can post some hands on here plz.Day 1 -5 (.75 hrs) BR $95.00Day 2 -9.30 (2.5hrs) BR $85.70
  2. Well Last night I bought in short at a .05/.10 table on FTP and Lost 5 bucks. lost most of my chips with A-K vs Q-10. All the money went in preflop and he hit his miracle runner runner flush of course. Day 1 -5 (.75hrs) BR=95
  3. Ya Im also gonna start this with $100 on Tilt. Im horrible so I will prolly just try to get to 1k in like a 2 month span. Like I said Im horrible and this will prolly not be acheived but I will try anyways. Wish Me Luck, Mongoosey
  4. This statement isnt wrong. Ive stated the chipstacks for each player not how many buyins
  5. Wow Fluff on a bit of a heater now Stacks at roughly 5k each now
  6. Count is at 8.7K-1k in favor of Kwaazy. Seriously Fluff this isnt really panning out for you
  7. Fluffys on a tear now. $3700- $1100 :icon_clap:Now 5-1 in Fluffs favor good stuff broThere is also some talk of them moving up to 10/20
  8. Is it just me or does Kwaazy insta check when he missed the flop then when fluff checks Kwaazy auto bets on the turn?
  9. Just over took the lead with an Ace high call to take down a 1400 dollar pot. Gogogogogo Flufff!!!!
  10. Fluffs really taking a shitkickin right now. Down a few buins
  11. Ok So I downloaded the wrong one. Now it works for me with the older version. But shouldnt my Bankroll auto calculate?
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