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  1. fischman is a god in the online poker world
  2. would that count as exposing your hand at the local casino? or what if that is your hand and its on your hand. lolololol
  3. Im going to have to say. If your name is dr.zoidberg that is a problem within itself. he is a misfit :'( you should have at least named your self bender
  4. And who told me sediel is washed up and wont do it????????
  5. his stars name is ii ryland ii or i ryland i DONT ASK HOW I GOT IT
  6. hey tb, was wondering if you could stake me for this tourney. Dunno if you have heard of me before.if you agree to stake i will agree to 50/50 +stakeback i cant really think of anything funny to say in a matter like this. it seems pretty serious
  7. can you use an ipod for an engine for a car?lolol jk idk if u can probally not though, but WTF wi-fi is everywhere
  8. meeeeeee. as for something funny.how about a joke or 3?why dont women ski?because it dosnt snow inbetween the bedroom and the kitchen.How do you punish hellen keller?Put a plunger in the toilet.WHAT DO YOU TELL TO A WOMAN WITH 2 BLACK EYES?NOTHING. YOU ALREADY TOLD HER TWICE.IDK if you have heard of me before. You probally have. My stars username is Andrewgberg.
  9. lolol i like how you remember the name of natural male enhancer of the top of your head gh
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