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  1. Ok so stars and full tilt are out. It still works for a number of other sites.
  2. I just read through the t&c at Part and though it was confusing I am pretty sure it doesn't have anything disallowing the use of such programs.
  3. No you need user363 for that From what I've seen fairly accurate. It depends on how many hands they have on each player. For me over 1800 hands they have me at 26% VPIP 16% PFR etc etc. I dont want to write out by hand everything but its all very accurate to how I play. 6 max nl of course.
  4. Anyone give this program a try yet? I just gave the 5 day trail a whirl and I am thinking about ordering it. Its basically just like Gametime+ or Poker Ace except instead of drawing all the information from your poker tracker database it draws it instead from a central server of over 1 million hands. This means as soon as you join the table you have information on almost all of your opponents. Is this even legal? God damn I hope so because unless I hear other wise I will most certainly order a year subscription. The best part about it in my mind is that the hud has 9 spots for you to customize
  5. http://www.pokerlistings.com/devilfish-mor...n-ulliott-15228All he does is hit on the poor girl the whole interview. I guess its kind of funny, you know in that creepy way.
  6. This is from http://www.pokerlistings.com/be-a-world-se...of-trivia-15103Questions--- Questions:1. Who holds the record for placing in the top 10 finishers at the WSOP Main Event the greatest number of times?2. As of 2006, how many different winners of the WSOP Main Event have there been?3. From which World Series and what player was the infamous poker saying "a chip and a chair" derived?4. Which poker author has made it farthest in any Main Event: Is it Phil Gordon, David Sklansky or James McManus?5. How many tournaments did Harrah's add to the 2007 WSOP schedule from the previous year?6. Wit
  7. Figured some of you guys could put this to use. http://www.pokerlistings.com/table-finderBasically you can put in your details of what games you want to find.Me I play NL 10 (huge game I know)So I input .05/.10 blinds, all rooms, NL, hold'emand it will search all the games running right now and spit out which ones on which site have the best tables.And somehow on everest there are two tables running at $9 average a pot. When on party averages about $2 lol.Maybe I need to switch sites.Now yes this tool would have been much better in the old days where you could transfer money to sites with the
  8. I am kinda disappointed that Phil got there first. Anyways heres a pretty good article. Didn't want to make a new thread so I'll just post it herehttp://www.pokerlistings.com/blog/wsop/200...il-hellmuth-day
  9. yes it should be bluff magazine I messed up.
  10. Allright everyone lets here it. Who and why?
  11. My affiliate has like 10 different freeroll packages to the Main event. I am hoping to play in one of those. The gnuf one had 17 players it was nuts. If you care its www.pokerlistings.com
  12. hrm that thread is not really related but THANKS
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