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  1. A.J. Benza was on Howard Stern a week or so ago and said somthing to the effect that he's waiting/hoping for it to be picked up.
  2. Has anyone here use their Pokerstars FPP for a PS3 or Plasma Tv? I was thinking about getting a PS3 and was just wondering where it comes from. Do they get a reputable online company to send you one, or do they have a warehouse where they store all this stuff and send you one? I was just thinking for warranty purposes it might be better to get the electronics from an authorized seller.
  3. thank you very much -- got it working now!
  4. When I open up pokertracker to the general info tab, I see my stats. I play mostly 6 max shorthanded limit. Won't my numbers be a little off unless I can filter it to show games with at least 4-6 players playing? A lot of times I can either be playing 1-1 or 3 handed, waiting for the table to fill up. Is there a way to just include hands where at least 4 people where playing?
  5. I usually play 2-4 or 3-6. I think one of my problems is when i'm on a table with one or few awful players, I can't get up and leave. No matter how bad they might be killing me, it's hard for me to get up since I know they will eventually lose everything, and I want to be there when they do. I don't understand why some people who get horrible long shot beats by a complete moron get up from the table. I know it makes them upset, but over time you should crush this type of reckless fish. Are you suppose to get up when these terrible players are winning? Aren't your odds better to try and stick i
  6. I consider myself an above average limit player, but for some reason I always end up losing everthing. It's been going like this for the past 5 months and I can't get out of it. I deposit $100, get it up to $700-$1000 in a few days, then proceed to lose it all. Deposit another $100, grind it back up to $800, then lose it all back in a few hours. I don't get; it's not like i'm playing a slot machine or blackjack where the house always has a statistical advantage and should win out in the long run. I must have made 4X my deposit around 10 times in the past month, but then just lose it all back.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions-- I think I will take the early morning drive instead of flying. I'll probably have a Lincoln Towncar for the rental so the A/C should not be a problem. It'll also give me an excuse to use my laptop with the microsoft street & maps gps thing. Not much use for that program on Oahu.
  8. hmmm, Hoover dam would be interesting but don't know if I would enjoy the desert drive, I was hoping there would be more stuff to see.
  9. Just was wondering, but can't a computer/programming whiz invent a progam like this so whenever it's open and running, it will also be transmitting back what's on his desktop, or at least his hole cards? All he would have to do everyday is play at tables with people using his program so he would know what their holding.
  10. I'm going to be in Phoenix for 2 1/2 weeks and will have 5 days free in the middle. I'll have a rent-a-car with unlimited mileage and was wondering if I should drive to vegas for a few days. I want to play some actual live poker for once and check out the cardrooms. Vegas is as far East as i've ever been and was wondering how the drive is. I'd rather drive than fly so I can take in new sights but if it's like a total desert with absolutely nothing to see I won't bother. I did drive from San Diego to Vegas once and liked it, although there were some boring stretches. I've been in Hawaii all my
  11. I have a Netbank debit card that I wasn't able to deposit anywhere with, but for some reason it works at some of the sites now. Very strange. I deposited into Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker recently. I also was able to make a deposit into World Sports Exchange (WSEX) which is great since Epassporte doesn't do business with any sites that do sports betting. I looked at my statement online and it says PSTARS London and FULLTILTPOKER.C . Their not even trying to mask the transaction.
  12. I just used a VISA giftcard from allaccess that I bought from Safeway yesterday at Pokerstars with no problem.
  13. Ok cool, thanks for the info! I heard about those cards but didn't know they were used with cellphones. I'll look into it.
  14. I just bought a Laptop for business, but will also use it for Poker on business trips when I'm away from home. I was just wondering if any techies out there know if there is a way I can use my cell phone to connect to the internet and have it somehow work with the computer. I have Road Runner and they have dial-up numbers that I can use. Both my phone and computer has Bluetooth, but I don't know exactly what that is or if it even matters. I vaguely remember someone from a Verizon Kiosk telling me a couple years ago one of their smartphones can do something like this, but I coud've heard wrong
  15. Jcash,I'm in Honolulu too and I get the gift cards from Safeway and Times (allaccessgift) if I need to reload my account. They work at both Full Tilt and Pokerstars. For withdrawals I have an ePassporte account with a visa card from them that you can use at most atms.
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