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  1. Sorry if this is a re post, I haven't seen it elsewhere in the forum. Does PokerTracker v3 no longer work with PS? Would appreciate the 411. Thanks.
  2. OK guys I think I got the message, limping too much with speculative hands seems to be my downfall. I'll work on it, thanks!
  3. What's a good range for VPIP or AF? My numbers are VPIP 37.9, PFR 21.9, AF 2.77, AFq 49. What does this indicate about my style of play? Any help would be useful, thanks!
  4. Is there any reliable information or websites to understand my stats from pt3? Any information would be helpful, thanks.
  5. oops, sorry next time Ill post it in the right place!
  6. yeah it's a brag post come rail me Im 5/9 180 4.40 #62508872name RodWood
  7. How bout the poor sap that had his aces cracked by Joe Hachem holding AK and flopping QJ10. Sick.
  8. Did Shawn Sheikhan fall off of the face of the earth? I didn't see him in any of the WSOP events. Just wondering.
  9. I played in my first Negreanu Open tonight and wanted to say that I had a lot of fun playing against Bunny, The Gov, RDog and others. I'm an intermediate player at best and held my own for the most part until The Gov cracked my QQ with AKs. I read a lot of your strategy posts and have learned a lot and learned a lot from playing with everybody tonight. Thanks, look forward to seeing you at the tables again soon!
  10. Good call. PS informed me that gift card I used is no longer accepted as of 7 am this morning. All Access gift cards and EPassporte are now the two ways to deposit. I wonder how long before those refuse online gaming tranactions.
  11. Its not the green dot, Ive used these before with no problem.
  12. PS has declined the Visa gift card I bought from walgreens. Anybody else had any problems with this recently?
  13. Thanks guys for the info, it will prove quite useful I'm sure!
  14. I need some help with this one. Ive been playing $6 SNGs on Stars and made it up heads up 3 times in a row with a good (~ 2 to 1) chip lead. All 3 times these guys start going all in PF in every hand! My question is what range of cards do I need in general to call these all ins? Id appreciate any input, thanks!
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