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  1. hey everybody on fullcontactpoker,as you know, every year one top poker player has tho honour to become a member of the poker hall of famethis year, harrahs wants the pokerfans to help them with their decisionand as most of us posters here at the forum like daniel negreanu or some other pokerplayer, i think you should take a look at this article and vote for the one pokerplayer you want be in the poker hall of famei hope everybody votes for daniel xDvoting linkhope you like it thx
  2. dr_karl


    hey Daniel..I'm really sorry for you and your mother..I hope she gets better very soon..But a heart attack and stuff like this is usually isn't deadly and if it is treated well it won't leave any major damage to your mother...so I think itll be OK again soon
  3. what a try lol^^GL to you Daniel anyway ;)but i think some other kind of chellenghe would be better for you and easier to achieve, for example like 100 cashes in any live tournamens in a year or so..but as long as its fun enjoy it =
  4. Daniel was down to 11k but is now up to about 45 k again xDGL
  5. does anyone know if there are gonna be any updates?
  6. good luck everybody ;)one of you has to take this thing down^^
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