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  1. gonna play monday day 1d as of now. twitter.com/markysals gl all
  2. playing online today... feels weird. gla
  3. as of now just the 5k tomorrow and most likely the main event but we shall see..that 33 hand is so sick. the guy is so bad and as you saw on the K6 hand where he folded he overbets the shit out of any pairs he makes on the flop. so when i check to him and he checks back im thinking ok he prob has nothing but maybe has 77 or somethin and wants to keep it small. when he called the turn i was like certain he had 77 and wasn't going to fire the river because i had been raising and reraising so often and had been caught on a few bluffs i thought he might look me up light. so when the river came a k
  4. weeeeeeeeeeee thank you all so much for the support. i wasn't posting but was reading the thread from my phone as the tournament progressed last night and it helped to have so many people behind me.
  5. if they ever do this hit me up, i will prob be interested
  6. i cashed the 5r, 55r, 162 heads up matches, and the 109 horse. gla
  7. ?.. you should prob re-read the posts.. he's saying it'd be a shame if the kid is dead because his mother will outlive him
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