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  1. bumperrrsJust turned 21 a couple months ago but hadn't had a chance to hit up any casinos, just been playing at charity poker rooms the past couple years.Anyway yesterday I got a chance to go checkout the poker room at the majestic. I'd heard shitty reviews on it, but overall it wasnt too bad. Got there last night around midnight and they had two $1/$3 NL games going and a $1/$1 $40min/$100max which I didn't know they ran. Played the 1/3 for a couple hours and left up $150. Proceeded to lose a third of that in Caribbean Stud Poker before I left, haha.Definitely wanna go back to nutbar the $1/
  2. Really liked this last episode. Basically loved all the scenes in the restaurant. I'm really interested to see where they're takin the show now tho.Will Esteban finally give up on chasing Nancy and we'll see the gang settle in a more permanent place or will they just continue to be on the run?
  3. GG. CrookedLink on Stars and FTP.Ya Valencia looked superior most of the game. The kid Hernandez who came on to score for ManU is one to keep an eye on. Been following him since his days in Mexico with Chivas. He had a pretty good world cup. Sir Alex's gotta start putting him in the startin 11 next to Rooney in the PL.
  4. Man United@ Valencia.I want ManU for even money up to $40. Draw is a wash.Game starts in less than an hour.
  5. so pretty much a lock that daniel is tappin amanda leatherman?
  6. Splitting an 8th of shrooms for the first time with a buddy today.Hella excited
  7. Nope never saw your op, but i still stand by what i said about joining a bracket without having shipped or giving any heads up that you would be shipping later. At least you gave us a heads up. he did neither of those things, and again if for some reason he'd won it, i'd sure as hell be pissed my money was going to someone who never shipped his part.i did say i'd give him the benefiet of the doubt though, although he hasnt been on FCP in 2 weeks, so who knows.
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