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  1. Congratulations on the win!!!! Looking to getting one of my own!!! GL
  2. Daniels reply to a post on 2+2 (not related to AD)So here is the deal: I've been on TV lots and for the most part, I'd say 96.7% of the time I'm genuinely happy and having fun while I play poker. About 3.7% of the time, I have stuff go on in my life that upsets me, just like me and you. When you are pissed off, in a bad mood, or had the worst day of your life, the key difference is that a camera isn't necessarily in your face. I do the best I can to put on a smiley face when I'm in a bad mood, but sometimes, I'm just in a bad mood for whatever reason.When you watch actors on TV you see an edit
  3. Poker Stars official response to Annie Dukes letter, posted from Poker NewsRecently, a published interview with Daniel Negreanu became the center of some controversy. In the interview, Negreanu made a statement about Annie Duke.The comments that were made sparked outrage among players in the poker community and prompted some of them to send emails to PokerStars about the issue. Duke obtained one of the responses from PokerStars Support and then wrote an open letter to express her opinion about the issue.We have shown below the exclusive official statement issued by PokerStars regarding the mat
  4. Interview with Daniel post c* bombAnnie Duke open letter to Poker Stars posted on her website http://www.annieduke.com/2010/08/an-open-l...-to-pokerstars// Blog+An Open Letter to PokerStarsAn Open Letter to PokerStarsAs many people in the poker community are aware, Daniel Negreanu recently called me a f**king c**t in an interview. In case you haven’t seen it, the interview is here. It is no secret that Daniel and I don’t like each other. But this is not about whether he has valid reasons to dislike me. This is not about whether he is right or I am wrong in the particular argument that spurre
  5. HIDon't post much but lurk to keep up the happenings with fcp. Saw this on 2+2 and thought it was worth sharing!looking forward to discussion. hopefully I pasted the links correctly.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-...h-games-856606/http://www.pokerplayer.co.uk/poker-players...l_negreanu.html
  6. well said, Allie, and I nominate you for fcp featured member of the month! Go Bunny!
  7. ahhh, that would be clueless, which I tried typing in like 3 times before I realized it was careless, ding dong
  8. I have not received any money back, nor a reply to a pm I sent to him after his last post. I would be curious if anyone received any money back yet? Bueller?
  9. Fun to see all these pictures, all the kids are super adorable, as well as Mario, the pirate and the werewolf, oh and obey!!!very very cute! Batgirl is 6, and Batman with the big muscles is 4! Wish they could stay this age forever!! Lets see some more pics!
  10. Here are my two caped crusaders! lol They make Halloween so much fun!
  11. Zsta, I am sorry for whatever personal problems you have going on, and appreciate you standing up and taking responsibility for this. I will send you a pm with my info, thanks for getting back in touch with all of us, and I hope all is well, Anne
  12. I went to the Wpt final table at Borgata. I thought it was alot of fun. They have television screens that show you the action, Linda Johnson does the audience commentating, you really don't get to hear anything that Mike Sexton or Vince Van Patten say at all. The final table participants usually have their groups sitting behind them, so if there is someone you are routing for, try to sit in their section. If you want to be on tv, try to sit 2-3 rows back. Even though you can't see the hole cards, it really is exciting. They usual have a conference room that is set up with tables and tv s
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