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  1. Are there any means left of getting money online anymore, aside from Moneygram and the few personal debit cards that still work?Thank you for your email. We are very for the inconvenience you are experiencing with your deposit.After reviewing your account we noticed that you have used the NetSpend VISA gift cards in several occasions to make your deposits. As of 5:00 am July 26th, the bank issuing the NetSpend AllAccess VISA gift cards is not allowing online gaming transactions, that's the reason why your cards are getting declined.Unfortunately this situation is out of our control, banks in
  2. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't waste your time with the $100 tournaments. Sure, they are $5K starting chips, but the blinds move so fast that the crapshoot is just delayed an hour. The $230+ buyins with 10K chips are much better, if you are there on those days. The $100 tourneys uually fill up with over 200 players, and you can register right through the first blind level. I have reg'd as late as 10:15 for the 10 AM start and had no issues. The 9:30-9:45 range is when the lines are longest.Level of play is what you would expect - the morons take a couple of hours to get weeded out, an
  3. You'd be surprised at some of the hands they are turning over all in preflop for the $30K. One hand had Durr all in with A5 offsuit before the flop, cracking pocket kings...must be nice. Plus, they are all pretty deep. Benyamine close to 200K, one guy over $100K, and Genius rebuilding after a couple of beats.
  4. For those of you awake this early. Benyamine, Genius28 and Durr. $30K cap, but plenty of action.
  5. Thanks for the link, and I have looked at the page. I guess I am just used to having everything dumbed down for me online (Stars and FTP showing me the direct feeders) and assumed these were just their normal daily SNG tourneys.Actually, I figured it out. I was looking at the bottom of those "details" pages and saw the thing that says "regisration starts 1/12 and runs through the third level" part. I didn;t see the top, where the actual dates are listed. Thanks for making me look again more closely.
  6. I saw a discussion about the structure of the Borgata WPT tourney here a few days ago and was just curious if anyone had any information relating to often the satellites run. I'm cross-posting on Pocket Fives, so my apologies to anyone seeing this twice.On the website, I can see that the structure for the various satellites looks really good (especially compared to the Foxwoods tourneys/sats) and was hoping to take a couple of days to go down there to try and qualify. Does anyone know if the sats run daily, or are there specific nights, etc? I appreciate any help you guys can give me, thank
  7. Thank you both, tonight was one of the better nights I have in a while. 17th in the HORSE, and I also finished second in the $163 buyin simultaneously, unfortunately losing with pocket jacks to king 8 all in preflop. So it goes sometimes, $9500 for 2nd makes it easier to swallow I guess...If you play Razz on FTP at all, you probably have played with me. I can usually be found playing anywhere between 3/6 and 8/16, depending on who is in each game. Lately, I have been playing the 5/10 heads up table. I've been a semi-regular in these games for the last 4-5 months or so so if you do play, w
  8. I don't know if you were actually looking for input on the hand, but since I am a reader of this forum and was the guy who won the pot, I thought I might explain my thinking. First of all, I have the bring in with a jack up. I had the 58 in the hole (I assume you guys know that FTP mixes up the hole cards for the Stud games in the HH). I would not have played this hand if anyone had completed the bet on third - i had a good chip lead at this point and don't like chasing 8's. However, both of you bricked on fourth street and I made a 4. You led, correctly, with your 9. My call should tell
  9. The starting date of the Main Event is Friday, July 28th. Assuming you are talking your personal start date, if you contact the Rio, they can confirm that information for you. I was able to confirm my registration was received (qualified through Full Tilt) and which day I would start (day 4).When you call, ask for someone dealing directly with the WSOP. The poker room tourney desk has little to no information.
  10. Thank you. Was looking for info on Jeff King, and I found it.
  11. Are any of the online sites doing reports on this tournament? I usually use Cardplayer or Poker Wire, but they are both at Reno.
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