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  1. not sure any of the regular posters here play anything remotely resembling LAG.
  2. truly masterful play at $25 NL. You have a chapter in SuperSystem III?You spiked a river out. Bravo.
  3. either check/call the river, or fold to the push. You managed to reward him fully.
  4. LOL at the opening raise. OK, so you want people to think you've a mid pair? you raise to $25 with 77?then what happens when someone comes over the top of your 7s?
  5. hmm, a quote from him should tell you something...'the week where i lost the 254 was still my best 1 ever... not gonna go into too much more detail about wins sry'he lost 254K in a single session, and still ended that same week with his highest per week profit. Wow.
  6. yeah, sbrugby is indeed Brian T, posts as aba20 on 2+2.
  7. durr is beyond 'strasser' level. He is a top online player in the highest stakes, in PLO and NLHE. 20 year old kid apparently, very protective of his identity it seems.
  8. anyone know the identity of 'livewinner'?
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