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  1. is there a way to transfer funds from neteller to another online payment place, and have them send you a check or so? I have a feeling it will be FOREVER before these ****ing deposits clear
  2. I heard the bank that handles netellers EFT's through ACH is no longer doing business with neteller... and that people with deposits from january 5th are still "pending" on their neteller accounts. Mine from the 11th still is...
  3. Same. I have $405 in there, and it says my deposits from the 11th are still pending :ugh:
  4. I was reading the FAQ and for "Can I withdrawal my money?" it kept saying **** about the neteller card. Can US people still withdrawal via EFT to their bank accounts?
  5. it was for sale for $650 on craigs list... my original price... and someone wanted it. thats why i re-raised this price back up because I thought it was going to sell. it didn't so now I lowered it back down
  6. the guy was gonna give me $650 but it wouldn't fit in the room he wanted it in...
  7. $550 PICKED UPCome on MID-WEST crew... this is an insane deal.
  8. both went to my internship, my job and my tuition / school.
  9. To the top. Price is up to $600 FIRM due to interest from other sites, and I have decided I WILL NOT ship. Where the hell is the STL crew on this?
  10. i guess that makes sense... i wouldn't have a problem shipping it at all as long as all the costs OF shipping ( including boxes / packing material ) were included in the price as well
  11. okay... I will ship it. but at the buyers expense... and i'd preffer not to pack it up... boxes are expensive
  12. I would be WILLING to ship it under THESE CONDITIONS only.1) You pay and Arrange for the shipping2) I don't have to pack up ****Simple as that. And No, tho whoever IM'ed me... I won't ship it to Ireland I'm about 5-6 hours from chicago.
  13. Alright. I don't play much anymore (no time, no money), and I could use the cash for tuition. For sale is basically a poker room (*chairs NOT included*). You get everything. The poker table (real wood, removable rail, GREAT condition), 1,000 NexGEN chips (300 white, 200 red, 150 black, 150 green, 100 yellow, 50 purple, 50 blue), and two setups of Kem (bridge size) arrow cards (4 decks, 2 red, 2 blue). Brand new the table was $500, the chips were $200 and the cards were $50. $550 FIRM ** LOWER PRICE **This is an amazing chance to have an awesome poker room in your house... you won't believe th
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