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  1. I'd only minraise on my button, only raise premium hands when he limps, and mix in a bunch of limping of my own and just try to win a ton of small pots off him
  2. Wow, I think I disagree with your play on every street. Also, he could be raising any ace on the end. I'd take Ak, KK and JJ out of his range. Also, I highly doubt q10, aj checks 3 times here and A8, 88 checks twice. With the way you played the hand there's no way you can fold. Just ship pre and call it a night.
  3. Does it also support Omaha? If not, do they have an omaha version yet?
  4. This sums it up well to me.
  5. This is a very interesting spot, I use to be a semi-regular in the 5-5 game at Fallsview and there is generally very little re-raising preflop in any of the games. His range here is probably QQ+. A lot of these passive players will often just call with AK here, although we can't rule it out of his range with a lot of dead money out there. I don't see how a shove could be -ev, but you will probably see AA a pretty decent chunk of the time.
  6. 5 buck sngs would definately be a grind. If you have 350 bucks thats more than enough for the 10 dollar level. I use to play heads up sngs exclusively, and there's still a lot of weak spots up to the 200 dollar level.
  7. How do you not raise here? He limped preflop making it less likely he Axs. Don't be scared in the future...unless you hate money.
  8. Did anyone else lol at this post? How could his range be anywhere near this wide?
  9. I don't want to comeoff as a dickhead here, but if your not sure which is better, open folding or raise calling...I think you sng game needs a lot of work. Stealing here doesn't increase your stack enough to really help you. You can come up with numbers for why its profitable, but it really doesn't matter. You have enough chips right now for the push/fold stage and should really just be playing tight until the blinds increase.
  10. The reason why this point and the post before are incorrect is because while the sb should be on a real tight range for restealing, the bb has a 2200 stack and will be restealing much wider. So you should't be stealing anymore often.
  11. So 37% of the time against his range your saying you will win $36.93 if you call and win. 63% of the time you will call and lose earning $16.13. If you fold then you make $23.71? I thought the calculation you made balances calling and winning vs losing. Did you calculate what you will earn by raise/folding, or am I missing something here?
  12. I don't understand why you have to call the sb here. In an Mtt you obvioulsy call everytime, but in a STT your going to be faced with a lot of situations where you'll be getting great odds where you should fold. Your racing at best here, I'd rather maintain my 2400 chip stack rather here than risk going back down to 1500 with a hand as weak as 44. I'd rank as follows:1. Open Fold2. min raise/fold3. 3x raise/fold4. shove5. raise/call
  13. as the short stack you can't be afraid of busting, definate shove imo
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