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  1. When it gets to 4 handed I flat call with 1010+
  2. push. you aren't getting away from this hand
  3. can you still use these on PSTARS or FULL TILT?
  4. so i have never participated in the open before. can i just sign up whenever and jump in a tourny? also, is it every tuesday? any info would be appreciated
  5. I call the turn bet instead of raising. You are def. behind right now and if you hit the flush on the river the villain will still pay it off probably. if you don't hit it then there is no reason to commit all that money
  6. that is not a big draw. fold on the flop to the 1st bet
  7. haha turns out limit means limit
  8. does full tilt take em?
  9. just tried to deposit on PS using visa's gift2go card and it was declined. has PD stop taking these cards?
  10. i check down. you are only called by hands that beat you.
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