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  1. The BBJ at my casino is for losing with better than AAAJJ in holdem, or quad 8's (I believe) in Omaha.
  2. I agree with this. But yeah, 54o is still way too weak to attempt this play IMO. Now give me a monster like Q6o and I am up for a gambol!
  3. You can only see if they muck at a showdown. If they fold at any other part of the hand, you can't see their hand. Also, on some sites they don't show you hands mucked at a showdown either. I believe Pacific Poker is one of these sites.
  4. Pick a response:a) BBFIDTSB) Stop spamming, put all these hands in one postc) All of the above
  5. If you can't play past 5 hours, don't bother playing any large MTTs. Stick to the 180 man sngs if you are on stars.
  6. Also don't smooth call the turn against that little bet. You were lucky that the other villain raised behind you.
  7. Yes I skimmed over it. Your opening line here is flawed. There is nothing to do now that he has folded.gg
  8. Hint: It ends with "value" and begins with "bet"
  9. 4th nuts on the river. Two of which were backdoored. Bet it.
  10. So wrong. LHE (tournies and cash games) are all about value betting, finding that small edge on every street of every hand.
  11. I've never understood why people bet with the worst hand, and then check/call the best hand.
  12. You have to call that river. He could easily be 3betting a jack there.
  13. The chance of A9 being dominated at a loose live table with 4 limpers in front of us isn't that high really. I'd never fold it from the SB in this spot. We're about as likely to be the dominating ace here if others have an ace. Plus we could be dominating people who are limping 98, T9, J9, etc
  14. Variance is a bitch. If you haven't come to terms with that yet, I would bet that your steady wins haven't only been due to playing good, solid poker.
  15. Aww rin. It's a half pot bet and he isn't folding a queen most times after calling on the flop. If we check behind we give him a free shot at 2 pair if he's behind, or worse, if a 4th diamond falls we probably won't get paid at all.
  16. I am a nit too, but if the villain is weak tight we can call and rep a flush if it comes...
  17. Yes, I love giving chips a skilled player instead of keeping them for myself. /sarky
  18. A rivered straight is very unlikely here. Check-call river is my standard play against a loose-aggressive type who might well bluff with a missed flush draw. Against stations bet-fold because they will look up with sets/2 pair hands and only raise a straight.
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