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  1. for more info, my bankroll is pretty deep compared to what i was risking. i wasnt really worried to lose it.I just thought if i hit id double up. All or nothing. I guess it was more of a coin flip? only 5% fav over his hand. just wanna know if generally I should play it slower.
  2. I was playing .10 /.25 micro NL, and someone raised it to 1.25 after i had already called the blind. Based on this persons previous play I knew he had AK or AQ. Flop comes out, and he hits top top, and i got an open ended straight flush draw. I kinda just wanna double up and make him make a bad play by calling.I already looked at the stats, and even before I made this play i knew i was a slight favorite. 53% to like 48%. what do you think. Good move or, play it slower??PokerStars Game #22563369353: Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25) - 2008/12/02 15:25:05 ETTable 'Betulia' 9-max Seat #4 is the butt
  3. There was no way to get away from, or play that hand better or worse, you got stuck in a trapped hand where he was going to get his money in no matter what. Even if he puts you on a straight he'll take a stab at filling up. I think he was probably trying to get cute on the turn. hoping to get you in right there. so had you pushed there you still would feel the same way. You would ask How could I have played this better to win?? Well you just werent going to win. He would have seen the turn to the end of the world given your depth in chips, had both of you been deeper in stacks you might bet hi
  4. and yeah calling the 90 isnt a good play, but like i said it was SACRIFICE CALL. I dont know if u understand that, maybe too advanced for you, but I instantly put the first guy on a pocket pair, so i took a shot to break him. if i miss i fold. Anytime on the flop he coulda got me out. Also the blinds are 10-20 no limit, 100 isnt a big bet. especially when the players are like 5 - 10,000 deep. So i didnt think it was that bad for my expectations. But you are right I didnt provide sufficient info to get a good response. I was about 4500 and the other 2 had about 35-4300.
  5. actually i won that pot. broke 2 guys. one had qq and the other had kj. Anyways point is, when i made the turn push, i got it in good. but it occured after that i probably could have just smoothed called and got the same result. if it came a good river then id push, if it was bad i could get away from it
  6. dude i think you got like tunnel vision or sumthin. U know the point of threads are to help and give insight to things, but i guess everyone is a bracelet winner here.
  7. I think you guys are missing the point. Doesnt matter how i got there. What im saying is 2 small pairs against an over pair, you push on turn or smooth call and see what the river brings?? play it safe or play it strong? thats the ultimate question. But you guys wanna talk about preflop. It could be any 2 small pair, doesnt have to be 82. its the strategic play im after. if you have 2 small pair and there is a possibility thst over pair can still hit outs to win. SAFE OR STRONG?? thats all i wanna know.
  8. hey chuck that one was for donk.. As for you, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice call to catch a big hand in a bad spot. So with that said i was willing to put the 90 in the dead money pile. if the flop was reraised big i woulda folded. on the flop he bet not even 1/3 the pot, insta call to make a monster. either way you see it the overpair played it wrong. You watch PAD, youll see some pros call a min raise with any two cards if they have position. So i think you're wrong. Given its not a favorable situation to continuously play but i already know what im up against, i can fold it any tim
  9. i guess i should play predictable poker like you and sit with a stick up my ass for the nuts.. NO ONE WILL SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!
  10. I dont know what so sick, bottom pair and a 3 flush can still turn in to a monster. I think its fine if you have a good read and are willing to pay the price, knowing where the cutoff is. I mean with position and a possible monster in the making its huge. If the turn came a diamond. that woulda gave me bottom pair and a flush draw which then im about 35% but since the 8 hit im at 79% so realistically against 1 pair i have better potential.Dont know whats so gross about that, Pocket Q;s smooth calls 100 when he shoulda bet it out. He let me in on the turn.
  11. By the way for tournament scenario, Increments are the same and its the first hand of a 1000 player tourney
  12. I have to different scenarios here, One being NL Cash and the second being tournament.Any way here it is. Blinds are $10-20. Im on the button, 1st caller limps, second min raises to 40, im sitting with 82suited diamonds, so i call. 1stcaller re reaises to 130, 2nd player calls. I figure im already beat, but i wanna suck out a big flop and make them pay since i have position. i risk the extra 90 and call. flop comes out 2h,jd,5s. 1stplayer checks 2nd bets out 100. i think with bottom pair and a 3flush i can call one bet to see if i improve, if its reraised i gotta fold. I make the call. 1st to
  13. Ok i think this is the highest ive seen the jackpot yet. You all need to play and crack this jackpot, its gonna go any day now
  14. Ok i think that was beside the point. What im sayin is maybe, just maybe in some scientific connection between people and poker, it might make you play better. Not that i believe it, just throwing it out there
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