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  1. Was this an April Fools Joke? I know it was posted the day before but really it's the only reason I could see someone posting this...
  2. Bet you clicked on this from the home page not realizing its a bad beat rant!!! Actually I'm over it, just thought you guys would get a kick out of these hands and probabilities. Left last night stuck $2800, one of the lesser profitable nights at this game I've had in a while.Hand 1Guy in MP raises, I call the from the BB with QhJhFlop: Qc8d4sI check, MP bets, I raise, MP callsTurn 4hI bet, MP callsRiver AsI bet, MP calls and shows AsJd and winsOn the turn I was a 93% fav to win that hand (approx 18-1) Hand 2 (now it gets really disgusting)I raise with AhKh, guy in LP callsFlop: Kd5d2hI bet,
  3. I'd always 3bet this preflop, at least to define where I stand and build a pot with what is most likely the best hand now.With the line taken pre I'd go for a pot sized checkraise on the flop as we've really shown no strength. Not sure why the smallish bet sizes, we want to make him pay to draw don't we? River bet by villian is very value-ish but I'd call. Since this posted here I assume you called as well and he had the flush?
  4. Why not CBet half to 3/4 pot on the flop. If he folds AJ, KQ, K10, QJ etc then great. If he calls, he'll most likely check turn too. If we hit we can pot it, if not we can check and see the river for free. I mean this really seems the most logical line and one that costs us the least if we miss and makes us the most if we hit.
  5. +1 In all honestly unless you flop something crazy how much better of a flop are you looking for after raising with small suited connectors? Plus C betting the flop will prob let you see the river for free if you brick the turn like you did.Plus you guys gotta keep in mind that this is live 2-5... higher level thinking is wasted here as most people at this level live don't get past what they have in their hand, never mind what they think you have, pot odds, etc etc.
  6. +1You're not pricing out any flush or OES draws in 1/2 live... just something to deal with and be happy getting it in every time knowing that they only hit it 1 time in 3.Anyways there is no chance I'm folding getting the price that's being laid and there's no other action coming...
  7. I 100% disagree with both of your comments, but that's why its an opinion forum! Much luv brotha!
  8. Play much live 1-2? I don't much anymore, but I can tell you when I did you'd be surprised what happens there. Stacking off with small flush draws and top pair no kicker is actually quite the norm. Quality live poker doesn't start until 5-10NL and 20-40 Limit and even then if its a weekend you're in for a ride. I would have no problem stacking off 250bbs (which is technically more like 125 bb's anyways since live 1-2 plays more like 2-4 with the preflop bets) in this scenario.Back to this hand, my main concern here would be checking the turn... I really don't understand the need to control
  9. +1This isn't a tourney where you have to sometimes give up value for chip conservation, side games IMHO are about maximizing the value of every hand. I would never EVER check the turn. If we are positive that one guy has us tied and one guy we have crushed the more money in the pot the better. And maybe its just me, but considering this is a 1-2 game and the dryness of that board, I would have no problem playing a set of 7's like this from the SB on the flop then c/r the turn. Mainly because on the flop I'm giving UTG a chance to check raise and possibly get stacks involved on the flop. I
  10. If you're willing to call down all streets, why not just shove the flop?
  11. Why check the turn?Guessing SB had pocket 7's?
  12. At least pot if not shove the turn. You have around 2x the pot at that point and prob around a 4-1 fav so I'd actually shove.As played, I have no clue. C/C or C/F the river depending on what he bets I guess. I'm not a big fan of defensive bets as in side games as they are pretty transparent, I raise them all the time sometimes with complete air and am successful much more than I am not. Plus add to this what are you really ahead of on the river? Pretty much 9-10, 10-J, 10-Q and 10-A off.
  13. Dont think he flopped a straight since you have two of the most important blockers... did he get cute and raise to $7 PF with pocket 7's then flop top set?As far as how I would have played it... PF seems fine even, flop seems fine for me as I would have gone for the CR to try and define what the hell is going on. Turn I definitely would have lead out half the pot then fold to a raise, but as played its tricky, anytime someone like that checks the flop in position after showing aggressiveness the whole session alarms go off in my head. I prob fold half the time, call 25% of the time and shove
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