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  1. There is a regular game that runs, $2/$5 with a mandatory straddle on the button of $10-$100, buy-in is $500-$3000. Most straddles will be $10, sometimes $15 or $20. What are some adjustments you might make to opening ranges and bet sizes? Consider that some players when on the button will be more likely to defend their straddle/button than others. What adjustments would you make when on the button?
  2. It kinda depends who's spinning but yeah, the Ghost Bar is a tad dated. The Palms nightlife in general is pretty solid though. Are you gonna go the bottle service route? If so I'd pick one of the other clubs there, which should get you access and wristbands to all 4 of them (GB, Rain, Playboy Club, Moon). If not I'd get the All Access pass which does the same. That way you can move around if you're not feeling one spot.Vanity @ Hard Rock is cool, XS and Tao are probably the "hottest". Surrender is cool too, it's around the pool @ Encore.
  3. http://www.pokerlistings.com/blog/erick-li...rica-schoenberg
  4. This!It seemed like Ivey was genuinely humbled by the gesture and ceremony. He's come a long way from seemingly not caring in all his interviews, to being open and honest and sincere. The stuff about being a role model to up and coming players seemed sincere as well.P.S. Laak is still fk'n hilarious. There's free croissants over there!
  5. Best as in most affordable, or best as in best?
  6. Thanks for the links. Good lookin' out, Stossel.
  7. Interesting...http://www.wongdoody.com/portfolio/client.asp?ClientID=428
  8. Pretty dope. As nerdy as poker can be at times, the ad agency that conceived these does a great job.
  9. What if you never string bet and also never call string bet on people when their intention is 100% clear? How many times has someone called a string bet on you in, say, the past year?
  10. I think Daniel made the change in language on purpose to make sure he got the ruling in his favor.That being said his intent was crystal clear from the beginning.
  11. What hotel are you staying at?For all things cheap and tasteless on the strip, hang out around the O'Sheas/Casino Royale/Imperial Palace stretch. O'Sheas has beer pong tables in the back of the casino and that's always fun. Drinks and such are cheap downtown as well, and it's cool to see all the old school casinos. Glitter Gultch strip club down there should be two drink minimum/no cover on those days I think.The Hard Rock is a cool spot. If dive bars are more your speed there's a place called the Double Down Saloon near there.If you're looking to ball out at all, Sunday night is industry
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