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  1. Because he is having his worst WSOP ever. That is why. He does not blog when he runs bad.
  2. I guess her and Dan got divorced in the last year. Sounds like he would not take her to the hospital to get "surgery" and that was the final straw. From the look of her face it was bad "plastic sugery". lol On the show she made it seem like she made all her money playing poker! No bitch, you made your money by marrying a hedge fund manager and divorcing him. You are a losing poker player, guaranteed! She has this gay makeup artist that travels with her and supposedly her kids want her to marry him. What a frickin train wreck. A worthless post I know but this bitch rubs me the wrong wa
  3. After seeing her this week in the red dress I think they look a lot better than last week. She must have been wearing the ultimate push-up bra with that blouse last week. They look a cup size smaller.
  4. ?????? They are obviously fake and WAY too big for her frame. They look ridiculous. She was so much hotter before.
  5. Really like the show. Did not like Wiggins at all. Horrible player but in his interview he said how he "plays his cards goooood and reads people goooood". Yeah right, laughed my ass off at that. That guy had no clue. Could not understand half the stuff he was saying either. Every time he spoke Doyle would give him a smile but Doyle was probably clueless what the guy was saying he was so inarticulate.
  6. Give me a frickin break. Sorry to have wasted your time. You did not need to post an answer to my my stupid inquiry. I also posted hoping Daniel may chime in on how it was if he was invited (which I am sure he was). That article did not give much info either. This site has become a joke.
  7. Heard about this on Cardplayer.com but have not seen any results. Anybody know how it played out and who was invited? I am sure Daniel was there. Here is a link to the article.http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/9104-...om-this-weekend
  8. The Obama administration is in bed with Goldman Sachs. Several former Goldman execs are in the administration. Huge contributions to the Obama campaign. Obama was instrumental, before becoming pres, in getting funds from the Joyce Foundation to a an entity called the Chicago Carbon Exchange. A company that will make billions if cap and trade is passed. Guess who was allowed to buy in and owns a nice stake? Goldman Sachs. Guess who who wants in to buy more? Goldman Sachs. Goldman agreed to be beat up a bit in front of Congress to help Obama look good and enact financial reform, which w
  9. In Canada you do not have a problem on your border, you do not have violent drug trafficking, you do not have 12-20 million illegals not paying taxes but using all your public services bankrupting your nation and you do not have a federal govt ignoring the problem because the liberals want the minority vote to make the USA a nanny state. Run on sentence I know. No comparison.Also READ THE BILL! A police officer can't just stop some guy on the street because he is eating a taco. The liberals are lying about this "anyone can be stopped for any reason" bullshit. Oh and also the law pretty
  10. I live in Colorado, so for the first 5 1/2 years I played there was a maximum bet of $5. The limits were raised to a maximum bet of $100 about 10 months ago and only one casino has a $10-20 game. That game is not spread very often and just started about 2 months ago. So I could not have "stepped up" even if I wanted to until just recently.
  11. As I stated in an earlier post I only play about 2 times a month at the most. I do not have a specific bankroll just for poker. I take up about $100-120 and play. If I lose it, I do not re-buy, I go home. If I win I will just use the money for groceries, gas, etc. So I am not a "serious" player. I would like to be but with job and the fact the casinos are a 45 minute drive each way it is difficult to go more often.I started this thread to get a little insight on why my winning ways changed when the blinds were reduced. I think I have received a few comments that make sense. This thread
  12. Thanks. I have been playing for over 6 years and would like to take a shot at a higher limit to see what it is like. I am sure the game will play very similar to what I play now. FCP Bob made a great point about the lower blinds actually reducing the action. Ever since that happened I did notice the pots overall were smaller. Not just the ones I was involved in. I am probably winning the same amount of pots but with them being smaller and the big rake, including $2 for the bad beat, it has become harder to beat. I don't know. It is just weird when the structure changed my game tanked.
  13. I do throw away most small blinds but I will play some suited or connected hands from the big blind if there are 3 or more limpers.
  14. You left out "being tight" in the first sentence of the second paragraph. This a key phrase that needs to be included as it shows he has no concept of how to play small stakes LHE. If you could correct that would be appreciated. Thanks.
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