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  1. Poker > MMA, at least for blogs. Daniel is intelligent and can tell a good story, most (not all) fighters say "Uh" and "You know" more than any actual purposeful words.
  2. Anyone know why Daniel hasn't posted any blogs or video blogs this WSOP? I remember such classics from past years as the "phantom pooper," and was hoping we'd get equally as entertaining material this go-round.
  3. Can someone give me the lowdown on what Shulman is walking-around-with-stick-in-ass for? When did he make those retarded comments?
  4. Just signed up for PlayersOnly and try to deposit and it says it exceeds my limit. Anyone else ever have this error?
  5. My wife has a convention in good ole' Vegas next weekend. So, I guess I'll suck it up and go too. You know, for support. I plan on playing a whole lot of cards while there. Anyone else in town at the same time and want to meet up? Always up for meeting some fellow forum members.
  6. I don't have a Stars or FTP account. Let me try and get that set up and I'll put up a few thousand if I can get it in there quickly.Daniel FTW
  7. I'd happily bet $9,000, or more, that Daniel will be top 30 in at least one event.
  8. What program do you use to export in flasH?
  9. yeah... you know, the one Daniel does his videoblogs through.
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