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  1. Since when did reshoving 99 for almost 40 BBs become standard?
  2. If you call (or shove) a turn c/r in this spot, you are burning money.And I didn't say only the turn hit Villain's range harder, I said the whole board. Tx, basically any SCs, small-med pairs, the typical cold-calling range from the blinds is way stronger than Hero's hand here. If Hero double barrels, he can't rep any hand besides an overpair or perhaps a set (not that any villain will put you on that) - and if you get c/r on the turn here, he's saying he doesn't care if you have an overpair.
  3. Definitely check behind the turn. The board is stronger toward SB's range than yours, and you can't rep much besides an overpair. If he chooses to c/r the turn - which he can with a lot of his range, both draws and made hands - you're going to have to fold your big draw.
  4. So you got it AIPF as a massive favorite and you are questioning your play?
  5. Yeah because of stack sizes if you can get it HU and you're first to act you want to shove every flop.I also make it around $9 normally anyway though, because although a slight overbet, I would absolutely hate being in OP's spot being OOP against two with TT - so I push it a little harder to convince hands like AQ to fold. There's just too many flops we hate with TT to risk giving the Broadway hands reasons to tag along - and don't doubt it, there are tons of players who will not fold KJ/KQ/AQ/AJs to a normal-sized 3bet here when they have position.
  6. Re-raise size pre is WAY too small. You're oop with a vulnerable hand against two others. If you're going to squeeze here, which I like, it should be to like $9.C/f flop, c/f turn, c/f river. No point in wasting money, the board smacks their ranges so hard.
  7. DUCY it's a shove? When action comes to you, the pot will be $80 + however much you raise. One player has $155 left and the other has $195 left. Assuming if they are going to continue, they will need a set or a naked high diamond (or have flopped a higher flush, but we're drawing dead to that so analysis there is irrelevant). Sets have 30% equity against you. A naked diamond has about the same, maybe a little less (7 remaining flush outs).That means that with 30% equity, they only need 2.3-to-1 odds to call you and do so correctly. To price them out odds-wise you have to raise pretty much what
  8. It's still a shove on the flop, OP. I know that you were talking about over the initial $20. So was I.
  9. He didn't open limp, he limped behind two others. That makes it only slightly less worse.
  10. There's no drawback, and no point to betting > 50% of the effective stacks instead of just sticking it in. And you REALLLY don't want to see a 4th diamond come or the board pair. You have to get the value now if someone wants to draw to a naked high diamond or to fill up. And folding should never enter your mind.
  11. Folding TT would be disastrous there. But only slightly more disastrous than folding 99 in OP's hypo.
  12. You're not folding. You shuold have just shoved the flop.And bad players don't c/r flopped flushes. They c/c them - actually would be far better for someone who flopped a flush here to c/r instead of lead.
  13. His point is that it's stupid to make it 1600 instead of just shoving. It's still better for you if you can eliminate even just one opponent, but even if you can't, you can't possibly put half your stack in and then fold, so might as well shove pre.
  14. Is there some reason you quoted me from a LHE thread?I still think the A4o hand is a bad call. Nice soul read, but still bad IMO.
  15. Not a bad thought, except that if he's shoving any draws like QJ or 87 or whatever, then you're a dog and the call is -EV given the price, right?
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