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  1. 2 sites. One account on each.
  2. Can you explain how you feel that my opinion is indicative of tilting. For the hand, it really didn't take me very long to make the decision to shove. And as I hoped, UTG called and the other two folded. UTG had QQ and the other shorty had an A. I know this because he voiced his disgust when an A hit the flop. Most of you guys may disagree, but I thought this was a thought provoking hand. Not from my standpoint but from the two players between me and UTG. I'm typing this up not presuming to give any of you guys a lesson but to reinforce the idea in my own game. Playing with a shorty, p
  3. I think you keep doing what you are doing as far as searching for solutions. Reading these sites. Books. Audiobooks. Videos. If you are playing good but having a bad run you may just need to hit the reset button. One of the things that I do is I keep two accounts going. Most folks probably keep more than that but I just use two. I use one account to try to make money. I use the other account for steaming and experimenting. I believe that most of variance is self inflicted. We have a few hands that go bad and they stick with us and we try to force hands and administer some bad beats o
  4. My thinking was, if I shove here, UTG(One of the two big stacks at the table) will call. But because he has enough chips to bust the other two players as well and still be healthy, that might get the other two players to fold and I would be heads up. To me, it was extremely weak for the other two to call a min raise at this stage. What could they have that they couldn't raise with but could get all in with. Again, if this was on the internet, I could see that happening. But not here.
  5. This is a live tourney that I really like. It's no rebuy and usually draws 60-80 people. I have played this tourney 6 times and finished in the money 4 times, winning it once. 20 minute blinds take away from solid in the middle rounds and forces you to make some fairly risky plays. I've been the musical chairs guy and have been moved three times between two tables. It was weird. The man on my left is an older man that is not real creative with his play. But he is solid. At the beginning the tourney we started out with him on my left. I've only seen him one showdown where he raised 4x
  6. I'm not a big proponent of shoving with these hands. But this may be the prime spot for shoving. I almost feel that this is push/fold. If the CO really had a monster right now, you'd have to think he would at least raise. He's called because his ego is in gear and so that he will have an escape route if he doesn't hit big.
  7. I am starting to think more along these lines. There are so many pots that have at least 5 or 6 limpers in them. Especially early. I think the idea is even supported in limping from early position with these cards and being willing to call a small raise. Honestly, I'm not as big of a proponent of limping with 56s as I am of 79o. When you have got suited cards, you will chase a flush a lot more than you will a straight. Everybody does. Now, IMO, the same does not hold true for SNG's. About the only unsuited connectors that I will play is from the T up. And that is only from late positi
  8. I don't think it is stupid at all. I think the absolute best way to play poker is within your financial means. Whether you are on their level skill wise or not, you still have to have some luck to win at this game. To me, it's a matter of what you do with the money that you win. I keep my poker money separate from my household money. I make a bit over 100K a year. But none of that money goes into poker. And I play small stakes poker. The most that I have paid for a buy in in a little over three years of playing is $220.00. And that was money that I had won at the tables. Part of what
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. As has been the case for me in the past, I got a little full of myself last weekend and promptly lost about $40 out of my FT account and $20 out of my UB account. I just wasn't playing good and knew it. I was playing $5x18 sng's on FT and some MTT's on UB. I stepped back for a couple of days and just played 1 five dollar sng on tilt last night. I got second in it and I feel that my play is back on track. I think I am going to move to the $10 SNG's on UB and see if I can grind that level. If I drop back to $450 in my acct, I will probably go back to the $6 tourni
  10. I consider myself, mostly a recreational player that loves the competition that poker provides. I like the money of the game when I am winning but mostly I like the opportunity that the game affords me to exercise my competitive nature. I'm a small stakes player that wants to stretch my limits.About three years ago, I put $25 on UB. I played mostly $1sng's and a little bit of .02/.04 cash. At one point I had $1.11 in my account and put it on a sng. I won that and kept grinding. I got my roll up to about $30 and started playing a $1 mtt just about every evening. One Friday evening I won
  11. "didn't you say UTG tried to raise all in but wasn't allowed to cause the previous all in was too small? By this reasoning you should have folded for the extra 1100 pf."When UTG tried to push, MP+1 was the one that made sure that it wasn't allowed. Which told me he wasn't real proud of his hand. If he would have had a big pckt pr. I don't think he would have said anything. After the flop, I didn't care what MP had. I needed to get a side pot going that I could recoup my losses if she won the main pot. While the discussion was going on about whether or not UTG could reshove, I had decided
  12. UTG checked the flop.Here's my thinking on not shoving this pf. UTG's raise indicates he has a similar hand or better. He has a bigger stack than I do and I really don't want my tourney to end at this point with this hand. I gladly take increasing my stack by 30% if I hit the flop. If someone else raises behind me and then UTG goes all in, I probably fold this, knowing that I am behind and probably have a lot of my outs destroyed right now. If we get a huge pot going, there are a lot of flops that give me a great all in. After UTG's check, I may get to check this down with him and MP+1 a
  13. Starting stacks 4000. Blinds 300/600. The tourney started with about 40 people and we were down to 18. I had just doubled up to about 15K and got moved. The only player that I have information on at the table is MP+1. He is pretty active and seems to be a decent player. I had seen him raise preflop earlier with 79o from the sb after two limpers and win the hand with two pair. So I am UTG+1 with AKs. UTG has about 20K and raises to 1800. I call. MP raises all in for 2900. MP+1 has about 20K and calls. It folds around to UTG who tries to go all in. After some discussion with the flo
  14. How many times would any of us shove with AK in this spot. Everyone of us that has played more than 10 tournaments is CRAI with AK. And that is what we represent with a check.If we shove, it is obvious that the turn scared us and we don't have a straight.
  15. Why is checking such a bad option right now?Isn't this board scary to any hand other than AK? If we check we give ourselves an opportunity to make a read on the player and stay in the tournament. He may not have AK but I don't think he is shoving to a check with two pr. Any hand that he insta shoves with lets us know that our blankety blank Aces got us in trouble. And I think we have a great chance of getting a free card and then making our tournament decision on the river.
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