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  1. solid 2nd postor might be 1styou bumped this thread for all the wrong reasonsEDIT: Oops double post!EDIT2: Ah crap!
  2. I had already considered starting a jopke account as "Boston Sully", just to post in this thread and have fun with the Challenge thread regs... Then I realized that I already was a jopke account. (sigh) lost opportunities.
  3. Kuurt,You've been bitter ever since Zach6888 and Zach6668_ abused their mod powers to make you run-bad on Poker Stars.Good luck cubsfan! You'll need it, but I think you can do it!
  4. I was just having some fun. I certainly don't want anyone to show some animosity towards (the real) psujohn because they mistake one of my posts for one of his. Obviously, I intended to post a horribly-played hand where I would try to justify all my actions by misquoting poker jargon. LOL at trying to float OOP, or not realizing that "intending to call because I can push the villain off the hand later" and "intending to call to flop a monster and stack him" are mutually exclusive goals, neither of which is justifiable here.MODs, feel free to delete/close this thread.
  5. I really felt that he was trying to make a move to pick up the pot. I was confident that I could out-maneuver him post-flop by either betting him off the hand on the turn if I miss, or trapping him for all his chips if I catch a perfect flop.
  6. Ok, one more:Villain has about $200Hero coversHero is UTG with J7 (offsuit)Villain is in CO and has been very loose over the last 30 minute, aggressively opening a lot of pots preflop.Preflop: 4 limps to villain, who raises to $12. The button and blinds fold and all the limpers call.Flop: TJ7r (Pot $60)Hero bets $10, MP calls and villain raises to $80. Hero tanks for 20 seconds, then pushes all in. MP folds and villain calls.Limping J7 is not my standard play, although I like mixing it up in early position at a loose aggressive table. When villain raised from the CO, I thought this was a g
  7. Because my avatar can beat up your avatar.
  8. It sounds like the guy sat in the back of the bus on purpose. Perhaps he "wanted to kill someone" and figured it would be easiest to pick off the poor guy who happened to sit the farthest back. Everyone has their back to what is about to happen and he would probably be able to get two or three deep stabs before anyone can react. I highly doubt that anyone else has a weapon handy (no, this is not the US, so there aren't guns concealed by half the passengers). Unfortunately, by then, the poor victim is already doomed: trapped at the back of the bus between a window and a crazed killer.I hate
  9. I'd love to help you achieve that goal if you're free next Saturday nightKisses XOXO
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