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  1. Actually..I would say that if there's any dick move taking place, it's when a guy is obligated to show his hand and tries to avoid it. I HATE that crap.Not to say this applies to Greg Raymer, obviously, but how bad is it when we come to a point where a guy can call you down, and fi you try to weasel out fo showing, HE'S the dick for making you table the hand you were tryign to sneak out of showing?
  2. ok, I see where I erred, I think.The villain's call on the turn shows a bit of weakness, but not enough to warrent anything fancy on the river, sicne their slightly weak hand might still beat yours. That cover it/
  3. Why wouldn't the villain reraise on the turn?
  4. I dunno, replays of him pwning Gordon are still funny.
  5. Only Moneymaker can run into bad luck and then have it called "blowing up'
  6. I think that a check raise is good here. Had he been so certain of his hand he would've reraised you on the turn, but instead just called. Had he been slwo playing, I dont see him making the bets he did before that, so I'm pretty sure his range is vulnerable flush, two pair, trips, pure bluff.I think hes worried about you having the nut flush and there's a pretty good chance that even with the trips or flush, he lays it dwon to the right checkraise on the river.
  7. Very mich agreed. The mistake that Biff sees is right there in his words. The people who bubble are the oens who double and then sit out. The majority here have advocated doubling + some before sitting. That's the difference and it's all the the difference you need. I preferably hit about 3500 before I consider sitting. Preferably above that, 3600-3800 somewhere.
  8. I don't mind the gamble, but I'd prefer to do it after the initial round of crazy gambling is over.
  9. maybe make it a dollar for the poor bastards...just sayin
  10. which site would this be on? ive been hearing about these forever and wanted to see one
  11. with $2 even in the pot here, I'd make it between 1.00 and 1.50 to go to see who tags along. Just doesn't feel like it'll alter what you're up against much, other than knowing a little bit mroe where your opponents might be. If a diamond drops and pairs the board, or a 2 of diamonds drops, I'd check here and elt someone else lead on the turn. What you want to aovid is someone holding k-k-, q-q-, etc and getting a free ride to higher trips on the turn.
  12. i'd also do a search for the guy, and put in a few notes about his play...he clearly plays the a-mid kicker with aggressive fear....lots of trapping potential in the future there
  13. Don't expect any kind of play approaching sense or logical until there are about 2 tables left. You might have ot throw away some hands early agaisnt numerous all-ins and raisers. Aces aren't aces against 6 all-ins. Just play it smart, try to keep as many pots as small as you can and avoid giant confrontations pre-flop unless you absolutley have to.
  14. AdamC


    now you went and made chrozzo cry....
  15. McCain would alter his play erratically, and could really go all in with any two cards if he thought it'd work.Obama would play muhc tighter, and be a monster aggressor when he finally got into a hand. McCain has a crapload more tells.
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