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  1. Actually..I would say that if there's any dick move taking place, it's when a guy is obligated to show his hand and tries to avoid it. I HATE that crap.Not to say this applies to Greg Raymer, obviously, but how bad is it when we come to a point where a guy can call you down, and fi you try to weasel out fo showing, HE'S the dick for making you table the hand you were tryign to sneak out of showing?
  2. ok, I see where I erred, I think.The villain's call on the turn shows a bit of weakness, but not enough to warrent anything fancy on the river, sicne their slightly weak hand might still beat yours. That cover it/
  3. Why wouldn't the villain reraise on the turn?
  4. I dunno, replays of him pwning Gordon are still funny.
  5. Only Moneymaker can run into bad luck and then have it called "blowing up'
  6. I think that a check raise is good here. Had he been so certain of his hand he would've reraised you on the turn, but instead just called. Had he been slwo playing, I dont see him making the bets he did before that, so I'm pretty sure his range is vulnerable flush, two pair, trips, pure bluff.I think hes worried about you having the nut flush and there's a pretty good chance that even with the trips or flush, he lays it dwon to the right checkraise on the river.
  7. Very mich agreed. The mistake that Biff sees is right there in his words. The people who bubble are the oens who double and then sit out. The majority here have advocated doubling + some before sitting. That's the difference and it's all the the difference you need. I preferably hit about 3500 before I consider sitting. Preferably above that, 3600-3800 somewhere.
  8. I don't mind the gamble, but I'd prefer to do it after the initial round of crazy gambling is over.
  9. maybe make it a dollar for the poor bastards...just sayin
  10. which site would this be on? ive been hearing about these forever and wanted to see one
  11. with $2 even in the pot here, I'd make it between 1.00 and 1.50 to go to see who tags along. Just doesn't feel like it'll alter what you're up against much, other than knowing a little bit mroe where your opponents might be. If a diamond drops and pairs the board, or a 2 of diamonds drops, I'd check here and elt someone else lead on the turn. What you want to aovid is someone holding k-k-, q-q-, etc and getting a free ride to higher trips on the turn.
  12. i'd also do a search for the guy, and put in a few notes about his play...he clearly plays the a-mid kicker with aggressive fear....lots of trapping potential in the future there
  13. Don't expect any kind of play approaching sense or logical until there are about 2 tables left. You might have ot throw away some hands early agaisnt numerous all-ins and raisers. Aces aren't aces against 6 all-ins. Just play it smart, try to keep as many pots as small as you can and avoid giant confrontations pre-flop unless you absolutley have to.
  14. AdamC


    now you went and made chrozzo cry....
  15. McCain would alter his play erratically, and could really go all in with any two cards if he thought it'd work.Obama would play muhc tighter, and be a monster aggressor when he finally got into a hand. McCain has a crapload more tells.
  16. I knwo for my part, if my wife was raped, I could never look her in the eye and ask her to have the baby and then live wiht myself, let alone tell her she HAS to, becuase someone else decided she didn't get to decide.I know for my aprt, I could never have looked my mother in the eye and asked her to have given birth to me if I'd been the product of rape, let alone tell her she is required by LAW to do so, becuase someone else decided that she did not get to choice. The very idea that pro choice is nothing but a disguise to "take away" choice is both wrong and completely, ujnabashadly idiotic.
  17. I would have advocated re-popping the hand. He reraised your 600 to 1600 which tells me he either has a hand he wants to isolate with or a monster. Reraise him back to 3600-4200 and see his reaction. If he shoves, he has aces or kings. If he folds, well...he was bluffing. if he calls, figure a high ace, like a-q, a-k. A reraise by you here shows serious strength, as it takes about 60% of your chips, and forces him to make a decision for about half of his. Or shove.
  18. I'm thinking about what I need to win this hand under the worst circumstances as a method of showing him that there is NO reason to fold. He felt like he was against aces, and based on that read, you do the math with the worst in mind, and that means drawing to the king. And as it turned out, that's exactly what was happening.
  19. Then how come its always Conservatives who bring it up? "We're just one seat away from overturning it!!"I also find it amusing how the Court can strike down a law you dislike, and they're just practicing constitutional law. When they striek donw a law you liked, now they're legislating from the bench. And Baloon guy....I enjoyed your pretend map there on the 1st page. An electoral map so biased that it didn't even give Washington or Oregon to Obama.
  20. Push. His raiseand preflop hesitation scream draw to me right here. 10-J, 6-7, something of the like. There is 920 in the pot as you make this decision, and you have 1605 remaining. If you push, that would leave him with only 1145 to call off to a 2500+ pot. That's better than 2-1 odds for his money, with his (presumed) straight draw giving him slightly better odds at this moment, and allowing him to call. My guess here is that he is aware you have a big hand and is wishing to push you into an all-in.
  21. Well, at this point, there's $42 in the pot, and you're putting in $4. Whether you put him on two pair, pocket aces, or trips, the math doesn't change. You'd need a king, and there are two left. You're about 8% to hit, and you'd have to put in what amounts to 9% of the pot, so on direct numbers. Implied odds if you do hit would take the pot over the amount neccesary to call. In no limit, you would fold, I think, but here I'd have to call.
  22. There's a $45 with a $20 add-on/rebuy at the Sahara at 11a, 7p, and 11p. Usually between 90 and 115 players, medium strength, final 8-10 cash, usually fairly decent wiht 1st prize in the 130-1500 range. It almsot always chops the last 3-5 people though for pretty decent money. 4000 to start, blinds go up slowly for the first hour, no antes, the rebuy/addon is for 2000 and can be done at any time. There's a $65 Treasure Island at 7p and 10p. 3500 in chips, no rebuys, usually about 25-30, pays 4-6, usually fairly decent players.
  23. Good defense by the Boys, and Barber and Joens are a hell of a tandem, of course. Gotta love that we cna win when TO has 2 catches....and Jedi Knight Romo appears human.Gotta say, I beleive Aaron Rodgers is for real, now. Did a very good job.
  24. I don't think folding here is a great idea. You're in the cutoff, and will more likely than not have post-flop position here.I see two choices. Call- You see the flop, and if nothing hits AND he remains agressive, you can easily fold here and retain 4300+ in chips, which is plenty at this level of blinds. If you do hit and he's aggressive (or not), you can become the agressor and pick up a sizable chip increase for yourself via showdown or fold on his part.Push- No simple raises here, as even a min raise takes about 40% of your chips. You push and he either folds or you show down with what i
  25. On top of that, if neither sizable stack calls you, there's a good chance the shorty comes in with his last 1500, and you get a better than average chance to bust him and pick up a nice 4500 pot.
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