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  1. GL everyone! Win lots of monies
  2. I lean more towards this as well than some guy just randomly decided to bash the guy. Who knows what will happen though.
  3. In the 109 along with the 12,000 other people. WTF! Haha so big
  4. lol dirty. Haha would have been some shit if he woulda FTed it
  5. Gayness about 2nd, but great cash none the less! GG!
  6. Woot won a seat in the 7.50 one! Anyone else get one??
  7. lol okay so reading all of this I was like "there is no way the show can be as bad as they are talking about". Well I appologize....because I just watched 10 minutes of the first episode and I was in the wrong. That show is god awful. Agree with what everyone said about the host, he is by far the worst part of the show. And what was up with the first guy trying to be a dick? lol telling Ivey "I didnt see your name and picture on the wall an Binions" what a tool. I couldnt watch anymore after the first match.
  8. I have no clue what to think of this movie. I really hope its good, and it kind of looks good....but at the same time looks like it could also be really bad. GO JOE!
  9. I wouldn't say E's new girl is ugly. She is annoying yes, but still cute. And I just IMDB'd her she is 25 years old. As far as the letting Drama use Jamie Lynn in the show i'm not sure. I would be heavily leaning towards no, BUT if it helped his career then maybe a small chance. lol Drama needs all the help he can get, h doesnt need to go back to Viking Quest fame.
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