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  1. I mean using maths and statistics - just like you work out your odds ect in poker compared to the potNo matter the result, is it in the players interests to take another box
  2. I think the available boxes left were250k3k1k£500Got offered 19.5k but dealer stated if he took 1 more box and did not take the 250k he would be offered 40kWhat is in the players interests and why?
  3. Sorry for the irrelivance but can someone please settle and arguement:I was watching an episode of deal or no dealThe contestant had won the power to be given a deal or no deal situation after EVERY boxHe had 4 boxes remaining including his boxHe still had the top box available = £250,000 and 3 smaller amountsHis offer was 19,500 and the dealer had told him IF he played another box and did not remove the £250,000 his next offer would be £40,000Now let me see if I got this correct, He had 3/4 chance of NOT taking the £250,000 out = 75% in his favour but was getting givving 2/1 oddsHave I got th
  4. PokerStars Game #28542836114: Tournament #166100581, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (500/1000) - 2009/05/24 0:24:25 WET [2009/05/23 19:24:25 ET]*** SHOW DOWN ***Czar_of_TX: shows [Ac Ah] (two pair, Aces and Sixes)venom6666: shows [Qs Qh] (two pair, Queens and Sixes)Czar_of_TX collected 2374 from side potSteevt_: shows [Kd Kh] (two pair, Kings and Sixes)Czar_of_TX collected 96999 from main potLittleRacoon said, "nh"*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 99373 Main pot 96999. Side pot 2374. | Rake 0 Board [Tc 2h 6h Jc 6d]Seat 1: lauds (big blind) folded before FlopSeat 2: docteur mad folded before F
  5. Wht is the biggest differences between the two...?How should be tackling the change over
  7. Exactly! I can beat the lower limit games but the variance is too high....I am not super tight but I am not a maniac... I try to play witha couple of different gears.....I play a lot ofdifferent types of hands depending on position and if you hit you can desomate all if playing against the iht players...EXAMPLE OF LOW STAKESSitting on button with JJ1 Caller round to youYou raise from 20 to call to 120 (bigger bet thinking less callers = I MIGHT be able to put themm on a hand)SB, BB AND PREVIOUS CALLER ALL CALL!FLOPQ 10 7There is NO WAY I know whether I am good or not, so I continuation bet an
  8. I completely agree - as an example:Last week I had $1.50 in my account so I decide to play a 1 table dollar game and come 2nd...That got me enough for the 3 dollar game which I came first in...This gave me what like... 14 dollars?So I buy into an $11 game and I come third in this for what... $23?I then buy into a $22 1 table where I come 1st for a nice $100BUTthen i hit a wall... the confidence of the day takes its toll and because I am not onto pretty high stakes I lose it all pretty quickly....hense putting in $15I will track my progress on here....I think I will take your advice...
  9. I have tried playing lower but with so mch wild play it is impossible to cash consitently - at this level it stll has donk play but general poker logic applies....thoughts?
  10. I have been playing poker for about 2 years - Made a couple of nice finishes and some nice cashes... but in between playing well i sometimes lack any sort of motivation and find myself not concentrating and donking off chips...When I concentrate I can be a decent player!I deposited $15 into PS this morning and already have it up to $105 thanks to coming 3rd in a 180man $4 SnG and cashing in one or two 1 table SnGI play SnG's:1 Table $51 Table $111 Table $22 180 man $4180 man $11I also try and play a couple of tournaments which I can cash more often than not when concentrating and have had some
  11. Well for the last couple of weeks I have been some of my best poker, but to be honest with you I think I played this hand terrible.27 Players left out of the 4000 runners in the 40k Guaranteed on Pokerstars.Guy Raises 3 1/2 Times the BB from middle position. Now he has been a pretty solid player throughout so I decide to just call him from the BB with KK.FLOPA 3 4I Bet out half the pot and he insta calls. He have AQ, AK?TURN 10I check this time and he checksRIVERQI bet now 3 1/4 of the opot and he shoves.I either had him on AK, AQ or he has gotten a bit mental with 88 99.I fold and he shows th
  12. 1 x 9 Man $5 Buy Inor 1 x 45 man $5 Buy In if you want a bigger reward.
  13. I play online poker, via pokerstars.I really enjoy the challenge of poker, I can sit happily for hours upon hours trying to make cash.What would anyones advice be, for someone taking it from fun, to trying to make a living from it.Anyone got any advice on it?
  14. Bollox, I didnt realise this was the Limit forum... haha
  15. If you have the nuts, and there is no possible hands that can beat you....Its highly unlikely he has the higher straight.Then obviously you want to be paid off, You do want to get called though, so dont re raise too much.Value!EDITI reckon he has AQ, Raised pre Flop, Missed Flop, Had his little Feeler bet, . Then the Q saved his day, ... ALMOST
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