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  1. First 2 episodes of season 4 are online. Wont spoil them but both are goodLots of boobies!!!!!!!
  2. Short gold then. When the economy finally turns gold will plummet back to the levels it was just a year ago
  3. First off.....F USecondly.....I LMFAO! Well played
  4. I read an article with one of the guys in Accidental Billionaires and he says the author Ben Mezrich took a lot of liberties with the book.
  5. I didn't realize that this was the season finale. This season has had way too many cameos and the story lines have been bad
  6. Why hasn't anyone said Greenstein? He has been around for a long time and played at the highest stakes. Seidel is a good choice too.
  7. Rudy sucked....both the player and the movie
  8. End Thread.....cant get any better than that!
  9. What happened with Hastings?
  10. QFT. I've had a bottle of Johnny Walker Red in the cabinet for quite a while now....never a good sign
  11. Was there the 15th to the 17th. Mandalay bay poker room was pretty empty but I was there from noon to about 230. Tropicana was good if you like lower limit black jack and craps, didn't play poker there.
  12. With his pf raise it screems 88 and only 88, no chance of 77, 99 or even AQ. After seeing the 8 on the flop just fold after he checks
  13. Cardplayer videos suck.....i always have problems playing them
  14. Playing $4-8 kill the other night. I had KJs in MP with all limpers in front of me so I limp....ends up being a family pot pf. Flop comes J27 with two spades. Checks to me I bet 2 calls button raises.....1 caller to me I reraise, one fold one call button caps all call. Turn comes 5s for the flush. Action goes check, I bet, call, button raises, fold I reraise, fold, button caps i call. Heads up on the river......comes 9s. I check and button bets I call.Did I play the hand badly?Should I bet out the river?Should I fold the river?SuggestionsI ended up winning the pot....I wanted to fold, but real
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