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  1. Glad to see this place is still going strong. Been a long time since I stopped in and said hi.
  2. 7upncider

    The Hideout

    been a few years since ive been here but hate the new layout.
  3. I think OSU wins this game pretty easily.
  4. Im a huge Ohio State fan, but they are not the number one team in the nation. The way everyone keeps losing though they could make it into the national championship game in this era of the BCS bowls. That being said, the SEC needs to quit beating up on eachother if they want to have a team in the championship game. I think if a team comes from the SEC with one loss they will win the national championship. On the other hand I wouldnt be me if I didnt say I would love to see Ohio State in that game.
  5. yea and we thought 2000 mds was alot i have 450000 now lol. its crazy how things works. i did put some money in the game though it help me get to this point.
  6. hahaha yea i guess it is. lol. but ohh well.
  7. i have a complete set of star cards again so when i cash out my friend is gonna send them back to me too. god i love they have this trade thing now. lol. heres my settlements have fun getting them. i am cashing out gonna get 100. and transfered a ton of md cards to my buddy that i got playing hes gonna transfer em back after cash out. i only need 29854 more to cash out with lol. i hope i can get it buy sellling stuff. if i cant i am gonna get my md cards back so i can. i will only make about 70 bucks off the game all together to this point. when i cash out i am gonna cash them cards out so i will be up 95. wooo hooo.lol. then i am gonna try to get mds only and cash out again in two months. i am so far out in the boonies i dont think anyoone has found me or will mess with me to much. but i think i can make more money now.52N, 210W 2007-06-0963N, 164W 2007-06-0964N, 395W 2007-06-2467N, 397W 2007-06-2468N, 396W 2007-06-2469N, 350W 2007-06-2470N, 243W 2007-07-0571N, 349W 2007-06-2471N, 375W 2007-06-2571N, 381W 2007-06-2572N, 353W 2007-06-2473N, 350W 2007-06-2474N, 364W 2007-06-2475N, 366W 2007-06-2476N, 356W 2007-06-2577N, 292W 2007-06-2478N, 342W 2007-06-2478N, 363W 2007-06-2578N, 368W 2007-06-2579N, 354W 2007-06-2479N, 358W 2007-06-2481N, 341W 2007-06-2482N, 291W 2007-06-2484N, 339W 2007-06-2486N, 138W 2007-06-2886N, 354W 2007-06-2587N, 331W 2007-06-2491N, 216W 2007-06-0991N, 364W 2007-06-2593N, 181W 2007-07-0394N, 350W 2007-06-2594N, 356W 2007-06-2595N, 235W 2007-07-1796N, 231W 2007-07-2596N, 346W 2007-06-2597N, 231W 2007-07-1798N, 267W 2007-07-25100N, 229W 2007-07-17105N, 236W 2007-07-17107N, 249W 2007-07-25109N, 284W 2007-07-25111N, 273W 2007-07-05112N, 297W 2007-07-16114N, 139W 2007-06-28114N, 356W 2007-06-25116N, 277W 2007-07-16118N, 295W 2007-07-16121N, 271W 2007-07-16125N, 242W 2007-07-18127N, 282W 2007-07-16127N, 347W 2007-06-25130N, 292W 2007-07-16131N, 287W 2007-07-16132N, 322W 2007-06-25136N, 249W 2007-07-17137N, 297W 2007-07-16142N, 201W 2007-06-24143N, 211W 2007-07-17145N, 253W 2007-07-18147N, 220W 2007-07-17148N, 231W 2007-07-02148N, 248W 2007-07-16150N, 204W 2007-06-24151N, 7W 2007-06-25151N, 218W 2007-07-18151N, 239W 2007-07-17152N, 241W 2007-07-17157N, 14W 2007-06-25160N, 6W 2007-06-17162N, 108W 2007-07-03162N, 205W 2007-07-17164N, 39W 2007-06-17167N, 185W 2007-07-02171N, 53W 2007-06-17171N, 223W 2007-07-17172N, 208W 2007-07-18172N, 316W 2007-07-05173N, 310W 2007-07-05174N, 316W 2007-07-05176N, 58W 2007-06-17176N, 301W 2007-07-16176N, 304W 2007-07-05178N, 216W 2007-07-18178N, 298W 2007-07-16183N, 72W 2007-06-25186N, 74W 2007-06-25187N, 69W 2007-07-03189N, 295W 2007-07-15191N, 266W 2007-06-24195N, 47W 2007-07-03195N, 115W 2007-06-17197N, 76W 2007-06-25197N, 207W 2007-06-25205N, 259W 2007-07-12210N, 155W 2007-06-25211N, 224W 2007-06-28211N, 250W 2007-07-05211N, 276W 2007-07-05219N, 100W 2007-06-25221N, 275W 2007-07-01223N, 275W 2007-07-05224N, 228W 2007-06-28229N, 25W 2007-07-01229N, 34W 2007-07-01229N, 108W 2007-06-25230N, 5W 2007-07-01230N, 112W 2007-06-25231N, 31W 2007-07-01232N, 5W 2007-07-01232N, 39W 2007-07-01233N, 11W 2007-07-01233N, 14W 2007-07-01233N, 24W 2007-07-01233N, 50W 2007-07-01234N, 262W 2007-06-29235N, 3W 2007-07-01235N, 249W 2007-07-05236N, 99W 2007-07-01236N, 141W 2007-07-01238N, 166W 2007-07-01238N, 190W 2007-07-01239N, 80W 2007-07-01239N, 282W 2007-07-12241N, 150W 2007-07-01241N, 187W 2007-06-17241N, 272W 2007-06-12241N, 274W 2007-06-22243N, 178W 2007-07-02243N, 274W 2007-06-29246N, 260W 2007-06-29246N, 273W 2007-06-26246N, 279W 2007-07-12249N, 102W 2007-07-11250N, 51W 2007-07-11250N, 100W 2007-07-11250N, 105W 2007-07-11250N, 173W 2007-07-11250N, 186W 2007-07-02250N, 201W 2007-07-11250N, 205W 2007-06-29251N, 249W 2007-07-05251N, 274W 2007-06-24253N, 110W 2007-07-11253N, 113W 2007-07-11254N, 125W 2007-07-11254N, 148W 2007-07-11255N, 125W 2007-07-11255N, 219W 2007-07-11256N, 121W 2007-07-11256N, 168W 2007-07-11256N, 199W 2007-06-29259N, 123W 2007-07-11262N, 46W 2007-06-21262N, 49W 2007-06-21263N, 159W 2007-06-22265N, 62W 2007-06-21265N, 85W 2007-06-22265N, 98W 2007-06-22266N, 66W 2007-06-21266N, 77W 2007-06-22266N, 90W 2007-06-22267N, 47W 2007-06-22267N, 50W 2007-06-22268N, 105W 2007-06-22269N, 60W 2007-06-22269N, 62W 2007-06-22274N, 78W 2007-06-21274N, 80W 2007-06-21274N, 162W 2007-07-02281N, 155W 2007-06-17283N, 86W 2007-06-21284N, 1W 2007-06-18284N, 157W 2007-06-21285N, 96W 2007-06-21285N, 116W 2007-07-02287N, 130W 2007-06-21290N, 127W 2007-07-02291N, 64W 2007-06-04291N, 109W 2007-06-21291N, 124W 2007-07-02292N, 94W 2007-06-21292N, 120W 2007-07-02294N, 95W 2007-06-21294N, 101W 2007-06-21294N, 154W 2007-06-21295N, 190W 2007-06-21302N, 192W 2007-06-21302N, 336W 2007-06-04309N, 188W 2007-06-17314N, 23W 2007-06-04318N, 49W 2007-06-04319N, 49W 2007-06-04325N, 189W 2007-06-17338N, 185W 2007-06-17351N, 250W 2007-06-09384N, 253W 2007-06-09391N, 189W 2007-06-17399N, 196W 2007-06-1710N, 138E 2007-06-2019N, 326E 2007-04-0727N, 119E 2007-06-1932N, 69E 2007-07-1034N, 63E 2007-07-1035N, 155E 2007-06-1939N, 65E 2007-07-1041N, 64E 2007-06-1945N, 95E 2007-06-1947N, 73E 2007-06-1947N, 87E 2007-06-2053N, 77E 2007-07-1061N, 305E 2007-07-0163N, 95E 2007-06-2064N, 97E 2007-06-2067N, 195E 2007-07-0173N, 297E 2007-07-0174N, 192E 2007-07-0175N, 196E 2007-07-0176N, 75E 2007-07-1081N, 73E 2007-07-1082N, 196E 2007-07-0184N, 281E 2007-07-0186N, 76E 2007-07-1587N, 114E 2007-07-0293N, 210E 2007-07-0194N, 206E 2007-07-0194N, 207E 2007-07-0194N, 208E 2007-07-0196N, 91E 2007-07-0197N, 110E 2007-07-1097N, 257E 2007-07-01102N, 81E 2007-07-10105N, 207E 2007-07-01106N, 162E 2007-07-10109N, 37E 2007-07-15109N, 216E 2007-07-01110N, 43E 2007-07-15111N, 64E 2007-07-12112N, 83E 2007-07-15116N, 255E 2007-07-01120N, 248E 2007-07-01122N, 2E 2007-06-30122N, 8E 2007-06-30125N, 58E 2007-06-17125N, 69E 2007-06-17125N, 217E 2007-06-30126N, 16E 2007-06-30126N, 53E 2007-06-17138N, 231E 2007-06-30146N, 350E 2007-06-06149N, 34E 2007-06-25150N, 31E 2007-06-17150N, 367E 2007-06-06151N, 97E 2007-07-13153N, 34E 2007-06-17154N, 27E 2007-06-17155N, 36E 2007-06-30156N, 10E 2007-06-17156N, 35E 2007-06-17157N, 34E 2007-06-17157N, 99E 2007-07-10158N, 90E 2007-07-13159N, 15E 2007-06-17161N, 141E 2007-07-10161N, 396E 2007-06-06163N, 93E 2007-07-10165N, 33E 2007-06-25165N, 95E 2007-06-30165N, 209E 2007-07-07165N, 213E 2007-07-07165N, 259E 2007-06-18165N, 400E 2007-06-06168N, 163E 2007-07-14169N, 90E 2007-07-10171N, 224E 2007-06-20172N, 213E 2007-06-21174N, 161E 2007-07-14177N, 47E 2007-06-25177N, 94E 2007-07-10178N, 76E 2007-06-27178N, 219E 2007-07-07181N, 76E 2007-06-27181N, 203E 2007-07-07182N, 48E 2007-06-25182N, 115E 2007-06-13183N, 87E 2007-06-27184N, 79E 2007-06-27184N, 84E 2007-06-27185N, 78E 2007-06-27185N, 93E 2007-06-27185N, 104E 2007-07-04186N, 239E 2007-06-25188N, 60E 2007-06-25188N, 68E 2007-06-25188N, 221E 2007-07-07190N, 123E 2007-07-07191N, 103E 2007-06-13192N, 167E 2007-07-14192N, 176E 2007-07-07192N, 247E 2007-06-18195N, 309E 2007-06-21198N, 281E 2007-07-05199N, 206E 2007-07-07203N, 110E 2007-07-13204N, 79E 2007-06-25210N, 86E 2007-06-17214N, 121E 2007-06-11217N, 86E 2007-06-17219N, 98E 2007-07-13220N, 81E 2007-06-21224N, 175E 2007-07-07227N, 78E 2007-06-21229N, 80E 2007-06-21229N, 138E 2007-06-11230N, 83E 2007-06-21231N, 86E 2007-06-21241N, 85E 2007-06-12241N, 150E 2007-07-11241N, 152E 2007-07-14241N, 323E 2007-06-05242N, 87E 2007-06-12242N, 157E 2007-07-14244N, 85E 2007-06-12244N, 92E 2007-06-11245N, 93E 2007-06-11247N, 94E 2007-06-18247N, 104E 2007-07-13248N, 89E 2007-06-11249N, 79E 2007-07-01249N, 140E 2007-07-14249N, 195E 2007-06-30249N, 317E 2007-06-05250N, 42E 2007-07-01250N, 80E 2007-06-21251N, 41E 2007-07-01251N, 90E 2007-06-11254N, 59E 2007-07-01254N, 90E 2007-06-11255N, 93E 2007-06-17256N, 89E 2007-06-18257N, 112E 2007-06-30259N, 89E 2007-06-18259N, 92E 2007-06-11264N, 87E 2007-06-18267N, 55E 2007-06-18268N, 50E 2007-06-18270N, 39E 2007-06-18272N, 185E 2007-06-17273N, 33E 2007-06-18273N, 122E 2007-06-21273N, 129E 2007-06-21274N, 101E 2007-07-14274N, 106E 2007-07-14278N, 25E 2007-06-18280N, 106E 2007-07-14281N, 95E 2007-06-17282N, 19E 2007-06-18282N, 61E 2007-06-13283N, 22E 2007-06-18285N, 203E 2007-06-17290N, 6E 2007-06-18291N, 16E 2007-06-18292N, 182E 2007-06-17293N, 5E 2007-06-18293N, 6E 2007-06-18297N, 54E 2007-06-13301N, 274E 2007-06-18304N, 83E 2007-06-13305N, 52E 2007-06-13308N, 44E 2007-06-13310N, 51E 2007-06-13311N, 35E 2007-06-12312N, 37E 2007-06-12315N, 83E 2007-06-13322N, 78E 2007-06-11322N, 82E 2007-06-11325N, 41E 2007-06-12326N, 76E 2007-06-13327N, 49E 2007-06-13327N, 284E 2007-06-20333N, 70E 2007-06-11340N, 273E 2007-06-08343N, 41E 2007-06-12347N, 295E 2007-06-20352N, 41E 2007-06-12353N, 273E 2007-06-08356N, 272E 2007-06-08357N, 269E 2007-06-08358N, 47E 2007-06-11359N, 47E 2007-06-11363N, 273E 2007-06-08364N, 47E 2007-06-11365N, 49E 2007-06-11366N, 33E 2007-06-12366N, 48E 2007-06-11367N, 45E 2007-06-11370N, 295E 2007-06-20374N, 33E 2007-06-11382N, 53E 2007-06-11382N, 87E 2007-06-11382N, 309E 2007-06-20385N, 308E 2007-06-20387N, 309E 2007-06-20392N, 307E 2007-06-20392N, 310E 2007-06-20397N, 269E 2007-06-14397N, 271E 2007-06-08398N, 271E 2007-06-08400N, 258E 2007-06-1423S, 203W 2007-06-2324S, 200W 2007-06-2324S, 204W 2007-06-2329S, 206W 2007-06-2333S, 204W 2007-06-2336S, 203W 2007-06-2344S, 201W 2007-06-2357S, 200W 2007-06-2395S, 277W 2007-07-0496S, 178W 2007-07-03110S, 266W 2007-07-04112S, 261W 2007-06-08115S, 264W 2007-07-04123S, 252W 2007-07-04123S, 290W 2007-06-19124S, 281W 2007-06-17125S, 300W 2007-06-19133S, 249W 2007-06-16134S, 169W 2007-07-03134S, 241W 2007-06-16134S, 302W 2007-06-16136S, 169W 2007-07-03138S, 302W 2007-06-16158S, 240W 2007-07-04170S, 246W 2007-06-18177S, 208W 2007-07-01177S, 213W 2007-06-15179S, 298W 2007-06-15181S, 292W 2007-06-15184S, 286W 2007-06-15190S, 253W 2007-07-10192S, 251W 2007-07-10194S, 110W 2007-06-16198S, 70W 2007-06-09198S, 267W 2007-07-10201S, 11W 2007-07-08207S, 35W 2007-06-15207S, 48W 2007-07-09208S, 5W 2007-06-15209S, 136W 2007-06-15210S, 91W 2007-06-15210S, 259W 2007-07-10211S, 60W 2007-07-09214S, 65W 2007-07-09214S, 165W 2007-06-08215S, 141W 2007-06-15218S, 263W 2007-07-10221S, 90W 2007-07-09226S, 269W 2007-07-25227S, 306W 2007-07-25228S, 262W 2007-07-25229S, 92W 2007-07-09231S, 295W 2007-07-25232S, 99W 2007-07-09232S, 281W 2007-07-25235S, 96W 2007-07-09235S, 320W 2007-06-19237S, 201W 2007-06-23238S, 316W 2007-07-25240S, 307W 2007-07-25240S, 316W 2007-07-25242S, 258W 2007-07-09245S, 157W 2007-07-09246S, 303W 2007-06-15247S, 169W 2007-07-09248S, 316W 2007-06-19251S, 121W 2007-06-19251S, 158W 2007-06-24253S, 176W 2007-07-09255S, 196W 2007-07-09262S, 213W 2007-07-09265S, 202W 2007-06-18269S, 152W 2007-07-09270S, 132W 2007-07-09271S, 136W 2007-07-09272S, 106W 2007-07-09274S, 104W 2007-06-26274S, 158W 2007-06-26276S, 97W 2007-07-09278S, 104W 2007-07-09279S, 99W 2007-07-09280S, 119W 2007-07-09280S, 188W 2007-07-09282S, 122W 2007-07-09282S, 140W 2007-06-26282S, 152W 2007-07-09285S, 113W 2007-07-09285S, 114W 2007-07-09286S, 158W 2007-07-09286S, 161W 2007-06-26287S, 181W 2007-07-09288S, 107W 2007-07-09289S, 163W 2007-07-09290S, 169W 2007-07-09290S, 177W 2007-07-09292S, 154W 2007-07-09294S, 175W 2007-07-09305S, 248W 2007-06-15308S, 287W 2007-06-19310S, 283W 2007-06-19311S, 286W 2007-06-19313S, 237W 2007-06-23314S, 235W 2007-06-23316S, 239W 2007-06-23317S, 234W 2007-06-23318S, 286W 2007-06-19325S, 275W 2007-06-19338S, 264W 2007-06-19360S, 251W 2007-06-19363S, 249W 2007-06-19379S, 209W 2007-06-19385S, 217W 2007-06-19399S, 203W 2007-06-19399S, 207W 2007-06-1947S, 250E 2007-06-2048S, 246E 2007-06-2072S, 19E 2007-07-0773S, 16E 2007-07-0782S, 250E 2007-07-0283S, 227E 2007-06-2085S, 245E 2007-07-0286S, 36E 2007-07-0886S, 44E 2007-07-0893S, 123E 2007-06-0797S, 39E 2007-07-08100S, 244E 2007-07-02100S, 266E 2007-07-02101S, 252E 2007-07-02101S, 263E 2007-07-02108S, 40E 2007-07-08118S, 269E 2007-07-02123S, 23E 2007-07-08131S, 274E 2007-07-02138S, 17E 2007-07-08138S, 270E 2007-07-02139S, 17E 2007-07-08141S, 18E 2007-07-08145S, 177E 2007-06-05146S, 19E 2007-07-08151S, 273E 2007-07-02156S, 262E 2007-07-18156S, 266E 2007-07-02156S, 281E 2007-07-18159S, 223E 2007-06-26160S, 92E 2007-06-15166S, 13E 2007-07-08167S, 176E 2007-06-26168S, 98E 2007-06-15170S, 104E 2007-06-15172S, 117E 2007-06-15178S, 191E 2007-06-26179S, 373E 2007-06-17183S, 7E 2007-07-08185S, 139E 2007-06-26186S, 2E 2007-07-08186S, 9E 2007-07-08188S, 265E 2007-06-26192S, 144E 2007-06-07193S, 7E 2007-06-09194S, 8E 2007-06-09195S, 256E 2007-07-24197S, 50E 2007-06-15197S, 83E 2007-06-18198S, 51E 2007-06-15198S, 52E 2007-06-15198S, 54E 2007-06-15198S, 99E 2007-06-16200S, 99E 2007-06-16202S, 36E 2007-06-15204S, 74E 2007-06-05206S, 78E 2007-06-15207S, 73E 2007-06-15207S, 76E 2007-06-15207S, 79E 2007-06-15207S, 284E 2007-07-24210S, 81E 2007-06-05210S, 93E 2007-06-09211S, 50E 2007-06-09211S, 51E 2007-06-09211S, 91E 2007-06-09212S, 90E 2007-06-09212S, 281E 2007-07-24214S, 95E 2007-06-15220S, 305E 2007-07-24221S, 145E 2007-06-20222S, 144E 2007-06-20222S, 255E 2007-07-05227S, 228E 2007-07-05231S, 305E 2007-07-24231S, 309E 2007-07-24232S, 147E 2007-06-20238S, 148E 2007-06-20241S, 147E 2007-06-20253S, 128E 2007-06-15254S, 130E 2007-06-15258S, 202E 2007-06-20260S, 200E 2007-06-27261S, 207E 2007-06-15266S, 199E 2007-06-27270S, 180E 2007-06-15273S, 173E 2007-06-15307S, 213E 2007-06-15307S, 225E 2007-06-15307S, 229E 2007-06-15389S, 385E 2007-07-07392S, 376E 2007-07-07394S, 373E 2007-07-07395S, 380E 2007-07-07531S, 115E 2007-06-26516S, 113E 2007-06-26516S, 103E 2007-06-26515S, 116E 2007-06-26514S, 111E 2007-06-26513S, 105E 2007-06-26502S, 127E 2007-06-26500S, 118E 2007-06-26499S, 114E 2007-06-26495S, 114E 2007-06-26489S, 106E 2007-06-26488S, 114E 2007-06-26487S, 108E 2007-06-26485S, 107E 2007-06-26476S, 119E 2007-06-26462S, 110E 2007-06-26457S, 390E 2007-07-07456S, 399E 2007-07-07455S, 396E 2007-07-07455S, 101E 2007-06-26450S, 414E 2007-07-07448S, 384E 2007-07-07447S, 386E 2007-07-07444S, 104E 2007-06-26441S, 25E 2007-06-26441S, 21E 2007-06-26438S, 37E 2007-06-26438S, 33E 2007-06-26438S, 4E 2007-06-26436S, 5E 2007-06-26436S, 3E 2007-06-26435S, 38E 2007-06-26434S, 105E 2007-06-26434S, 53E 2007-06-26434S, 5E 2007-06-26434S, 3E 2007-06-26433S, 79E 2007-06-26431S, 49E 2007-06-26422S, 86E 2007-06-26419S, 86E 2007-06-26416S, 388E 2007-07-07413S, 394E 2007-07-07412S, 396E 2007-07-07409S, 396E 2007-07-07407S, 392E 2007-07-07406S, 385E 2007-07-07303S, 492E 2007-06-17302S, 491E 2007-06-17301S, 487E 2007-06-17301S, 483E 2007-06-17298S, 505E 2007-06-17297S, 482E 2007-06-17296S, 479E 2007-06-17294S, 436E 2007-06-17292S, 444E 2007-06-17291S, 421E 2007-06-17290S, 423E 2007-06-17275S, 553E 2007-06-17275S, 402E 2007-06-17269S, 561E 2007-06-17268S, 404E 2007-06-17266S, 403E 2007-06-17263S, 559E 2007-06-17258S, 560E 2007-06-17252S, 556E 2007-06-17246S, 569E 2007-06-17230S, 409E 2007-06-17219S, 405E 2007-06-17216S, 592E 2007-06-17212S, 409E 2007-06-17206S, 405E 2007-06-17202S, 402E 2007-06-17199S, 597E 2007-06-17198S, 405E 2007-06-17198S, 402E 2007-06-17184S, 412E 2007-06-17177S, 574E 2007-06-17177S, 568E 2007-06-17177S, 557E 2007-06-17175S, 425E 2007-06-17174S, 544E 2007-06-17173S, 578E 2007-06-17173S, 545E 2007-06-17173S, 503E 2007-06-17172S, 541E 2007-06-17168S, 495E 2007-06-17168S, 467E 2007-06-17168S, 426E 2007-06-17166S, 494E 2007-06-17163S, 435E 2007-06-17161S, 436E 2007-06-17597S, 421W 2007-06-15596S, 419W 2007-06-15595S, 419W 2007-06-15592S, 451W 2007-06-15591S, 447W 2007-06-15591S, 442W 2007-06-15587S, 455W 2007-06-15586S, 396W 2007-06-15585S, 415W 2007-06-15585S, 391W 2007-06-15583S, 453W 2007-06-15583S, 386W 2007-06-15581S, 403W 2007-06-15581S, 400W 2007-06-15581S, 370W 2007-06-15580S, 386W 2007-06-15578S, 383W 2007-06-15577S, 457W 2007-06-15577S, 371W 2007-06-15574S, 356W 2007-06-15572S, 358W 2007-06-15564S, 352W 2007-06-15563S, 550W 2007-06-15562S, 563W 2007-06-15562S, 554W 2007-06-15562S, 329W 2007-06-15562S, 312W 2007-06-15562S, 269W 2007-06-15561S, 265W 2007-06-15560S, 578W 2007-06-15558S, 583W 2007-06-15555S, 309W 2007-06-15555S, 281W 2007-06-15552S, 287W 2007-06-15549S, 301W 2007-06-15547S, 265W 2007-06-15547S, 263W 2007-06-15546S, 487W 2007-06-20533S, 270W 2007-06-15531S, 496W 2007-06-20531S, 276W 2007-06-15528S, 279W 2007-06-15527S, 496W 2007-06-20527S, 494W 2007-06-20526S, 270W 2007-06-15522S, 593W 2007-06-15520S, 504W 2007-06-20518S, 597W 2007-06-15511S, 229W 2007-06-15510S, 508W 2007-06-20509S, 232W 2007-06-15508S, 575W 2007-06-15508S, 568W 2007-06-15506S, 239W 2007-06-15505S, 597W 2007-06-15505S, 242W 2007-06-15503S, 245W 2007-06-15501S, 220W 2007-06-15501S, 217W 2007-06-15490S, 563W 2007-06-15487S, 193W 2007-06-15486S, 195W 2007-06-15482S, 191W 2007-06-15481S, 194W 2007-06-15480S, 192W 2007-06-15476S, 548W 2007-06-20472S, 552W 2007-06-20471S, 556W 2007-06-20468S, 557W 2007-06-20467S, 181W 2007-06-15461S, 194W 2007-06-19453S, 20W 2007-06-26449S, 189W 2007-06-19447S, 16W 2007-06-26446S, 10W 2007-06-26445S, 23W 2007-06-26444S, 549W 2007-06-20444S, 192W 2007-06-19442S, 191W 2007-06-19441S, 194W 2007-06-19440S, 548W 2007-06-20438S, 316W 2007-06-15438S, 195W 2007-06-19436S, 548W 2007-06-20434S, 163W 2007-06-15434S, 162W 2007-06-15433S, 317W 2007-06-15433S, 312W 2007-06-15433S, 203W 2007-06-19428S, 525W 2007-06-15427S, 352W 2007-06-15422S, 150W 2007-06-15410S, 440W 2007-06-15408S, 434W 2007-06-15408S, 430W 2007-06-15401S, 399W 2007-06-15399S, 417W 2007-06-15324S, 478W 2007-06-01319S, 464W 2007-06-01317S, 470W 2007-06-01273S, 583W 2007-06-01238S, 582W 2007-06-01211S, 591W 2007-06-01100S, 535W 2007-06-0199S, 576W 2007-06-0198S, 575W 2007-06-0195S, 553W 2007-06-0192S, 555W 2007-06-0181S, 436W 2007-06-0155S, 421W 2007-06-0141S, 431W 2007-06-0137S, 484W 2007-06-2334S, 502W 2007-06-2334S, 484W 2007-06-2334S, 470W 2007-06-2334S, 467W 2007-06-2333S, 454W 2007-06-2232S, 487W 2007-06-2331S, 424W 2007-06-2230S, 485W 2007-06-2329S, 482W 2007-06-2329S, 453W 2007-06-2229S, 420W 2007-06-2229S, 402W 2007-06-2228S, 485W 2007-06-2327S, 415W 2007-06-2226S, 481W 2007-06-2326S, 409W 2007-06-2225S, 505W 2007-06-2325S, 415W 2007-06-2223S, 511W 2007-06-2323S, 505W 2007-06-2322S, 503W 2007-06-2317S, 435W 2007-06-01600N, 492E 2007-06-27600N, 482E 2007-06-19600N, 479E 2007-06-27599N, 498E 2007-06-27599N, 440E 2007-06-19599N, 401E 2007-06-19599N, 390E 2007-06-19598N, 539E 2007-06-27597N, 579E 2007-06-27597N, 557E 2007-06-27597N, 490E 2007-06-19597N, 406E 2007-06-19596N, 557E 2007-06-27596N, 535E 2007-06-27596N, 515E 2007-06-27596N, 509E 2007-06-27596N, 355E 2007-06-20595N, 559E 2007-06-27595N, 531E 2007-06-27595N, 382E 2007-06-20593N, 533E 2007-06-27591N, 344E 2007-06-20590N, 459E 2007-06-19589N, 465E 2007-06-27589N, 464E 2007-06-19587N, 464E 2007-06-19587N, 96E 2007-07-06586N, 467E 2007-06-19586N, 48E 2007-06-12585N, 396E 2007-06-20584N, 392E 2007-06-19584N, 346E 2007-06-20583N, 454E 2007-06-27582N, 110E 2007-07-06582N, 100E 2007-07-06582N, 40E 2007-06-12581N, 355E 2007-06-20581N, 353E 2007-06-20579N, 108E 2007-07-06578N, 49E 2007-06-12577N, 47E 2007-06-12576N, 390E 2007-06-19576N, 98E 2007-07-06575N, 373E 2007-06-20574N, 393E 2007-06-20573N, 390E 2007-06-19573N, 364E 2007-06-20573N, 93E 2007-07-06572N, 41E 2007-06-12571N, 449E 2007-06-27571N, 398E 2007-06-19571N, 390E 2007-06-20570N, 370E 2007-06-20569N, 373E 2007-06-20568N, 442E 2007-06-27567N, 88E 2007-07-06566N, 439E 2007-06-27565N, 48E 2007-06-12564N, 50E 2007-06-12563N, 397E 2007-06-19562N, 88E 2007-07-06561N, 447E 2007-06-27561N, 387E 2007-06-19560N, 89E 2007-07-06557N, 261E 2007-06-07557N, 51E 2007-06-12554N, 439E 2007-06-27552N, 436E 2007-06-27551N, 432E 2007-06-27551N, 51E 2007-07-06550N, 382E 2007-06-19549N, 281E 2007-07-05549N, 58E 2007-06-12547N, 430E 2007-06-27546N, 596E 2007-06-27546N, 433E 2007-06-27543N, 439E 2007-06-27543N, 258E 2007-06-07543N, 256E 2007-06-07542N, 379E 2007-06-19541N, 366E 2007-06-20541N, 255E 2007-06-07540N, 378E 2007-06-19540N, 369E 2007-06-20539N, 288E 2007-07-05538N, 291E 2007-07-05538N, 289E 2007-07-05535N, 353E 2007-06-20533N, 354E 2007-06-19531N, 357E 2007-06-20530N, 358E 2007-06-19529N, 349E 2007-06-20527N, 40E 2007-06-12525N, 44E 2007-07-06524N, 36E 2007-06-12523N, 353E 2007-06-19523N, 320E 2007-06-21523N, 58E 2007-06-12521N, 259E 2007-06-07520N, 38E 2007-06-12518N, 35E 2007-07-06517N, 341E 2007-06-19515N, 319E 2007-06-21514N, 57E 2007-06-12509N, 39E 2007-06-12508N, 461E 2007-06-27508N, 456E 2007-06-27508N, 315E 2007-06-19507N, 314E 2007-06-19504N, 590E 2007-06-27504N, 359E 2007-06-20503N, 348E 2007-06-21502N, 314E 2007-06-19501N, 451E 2007-06-27501N, 55E 2007-06-12500N, 351E 2007-06-20499N, 354E 2007-06-20499N, 37E 2007-06-12498N, 324E 2007-06-21497N, 456E 2007-06-27497N, 256E 2007-06-07494N, 316E 2007-06-21494N, 262E 2007-06-07492N, 64E 2007-06-12491N, 39E 2007-06-12490N, 309E 2007-06-21481N, 314E 2007-06-19479N, 317E 2007-06-19477N, 317E 2007-06-20472N, 575E 2007-06-28472N, 573E 2007-06-28472N, 40E 2007-06-12471N, 411E 2007-06-27471N, 407E 2007-06-27471N, 41E 2007-06-12464N, 39E 2007-06-12462N, 40E 2007-06-12458N, 393E 2007-06-27457N, 315E 2007-06-21457N, 63E 2007-06-12457N, 40E 2007-06-12456N, 316E 2007-06-21456N, 37E 2007-06-12455N, 314E 2007-06-21455N, 252E 2007-06-07454N, 306E 2007-06-19454N, 256E 2007-06-07453N, 254E 2007-06-07452N, 253E 2007-06-07451N, 60E 2007-06-12448N, 257E 2007-06-07445N, 296E 2007-06-19442N, 316E 2007-06-21442N, 41E 2007-06-12440N, 259E 2007-06-08439N, 297E 2007-06-19438N, 300E 2007-06-19438N, 259E 2007-06-08437N, 299E 2007-06-19434N, 305E 2007-06-19431N, 303E 2007-06-19426N, 329E 2007-06-14426N, 314E 2007-06-20426N, 305E 2007-06-19426N, 258E 2007-06-08425N, 345E 2007-06-14417N, 40E 2007-06-12416N, 301E 2007-06-19416N, 270E 2007-06-08415N, 328E 2007-06-14415N, 325E 2007-06-14414N, 329E 2007-06-14413N, 315E 2007-06-20411N, 318E 2007-06-19410N, 315E 2007-06-20410N, 279E 2007-06-14409N, 395E 2007-06-19408N, 387E 2007-06-19408N, 317E 2007-06-20408N, 276E 2007-06-14407N, 318E 2007-06-20406N, 377E 2007-06-19406N, 320E 2007-06-19406N, 313E 2007-06-19405N, 330E 2007-06-19404N, 376E 2007-06-19403N, 318E 2007-06-20401N, 317E 2007-06-19401N, 313E 2007-06-20197N, 495E 2007-05-30190N, 491E 2007-06-05186N, 489E 2007-06-05154N, 421E 2007-04-30149N, 523E 2007-05-30146N, 531E 2007-05-30600N, 465W 2007-06-19600N, 421W 2007-06-19600N, 412W 2007-06-19599N, 473W 2007-06-19599N, 339W 2007-06-19598N, 553W 2007-06-19598N, 410W 2007-06-19598N, 333W 2007-06-19597N, 539W 2007-06-19597N, 422W 2007-06-19596N, 535W 2007-06-19595N, 485W 2007-06-19595N, 480W 2007-06-19594N, 334W 2007-06-19593N, 481W 2007-06-19591N, 467W 2007-06-19591N, 401W 2007-06-19591N, 372W 2007-06-19591N, 369W 2007-06-19590N, 361W 2007-06-19589N, 369W 2007-06-19588N, 449W 2007-06-19588N, 397W 2007-06-19588N, 368W 2007-06-19587N, 454W 2007-06-19586N, 458W 2007-06-19585N, 387W 2007-06-19585N, 381W 2007-06-19583N, 387W 2007-06-19579N, 548W 2007-06-19577N, 506W 2007-06-19575N, 377W 2007-06-19574N, 505W 2007-06-19574N, 380W 2007-06-19573N, 489W 2007-06-19572N, 375W 2007-06-19570N, 589W 2007-06-19567N, 375W 2007-06-19566N, 588W 2007-06-19564N, 567W 2007-06-19563N, 133W 2007-05-24561N, 196W 2007-05-24560N, 372W 2007-06-18560N, 142W 2007-05-25559N, 197W 2007-05-24559N, 143W 2007-05-25558N, 223W 2007-05-25553N, 361W 2007-06-18553N, 360W 2007-06-18551N, 576W 2007-06-19541N, 575W 2007-06-19536N, 190W 2007-06-10530N, 579W 2007-06-19527N, 591W 2007-06-19524N, 592W 2007-06-19522N, 365W 2007-06-18520N, 171W 2007-06-17518N, 171W 2007-06-17516N, 168W 2007-06-17515N, 576W 2007-06-19515N, 165W 2007-06-17514N, 580W 2007-06-19505N, 581W 2007-06-19501N, 376W 2007-06-18500N, 367W 2007-06-18500N, 173W 2007-06-17499N, 171W 2007-06-17499N, 167W 2007-06-17498N, 375W 2007-06-18497N, 357W 2007-07-02496N, 564W 2007-06-19494N, 367W 2007-06-18494N, 365W 2007-06-18494N, 354W 2007-07-02493N, 598W 2007-06-19493N, 358W 2007-07-02492N, 370W 2007-06-18492N, 356W 2007-07-02489N, 383W 2007-06-18489N, 267W 2007-06-09488N, 362W 2007-07-02488N, 255W 2007-06-09487N, 385W 2007-06-18486N, 572W 2007-06-19486N, 571W 2007-06-19486N, 568W 2007-06-19486N, 216W 2007-06-10485N, 270W 2007-06-09483N, 593W 2007-06-19483N, 232W 2007-06-09482N, 481W 2007-07-02481N, 424W 2007-07-02481N, 387W 2007-07-02480N, 473W 2007-07-02479N, 480W 2007-07-02478N, 599W 2007-06-19478N, 363W 2007-07-02478N, 204W 2007-06-17477N, 391W 2007-07-02476N, 390W 2007-07-02475N, 472W 2007-07-02475N, 463W 2007-07-02474N, 558W 2007-06-19471N, 564W 2007-06-19471N, 511W 2007-07-02470N, 491W 2007-07-02469N, 507W 2007-07-02469N, 351W 2007-07-02467N, 567W 2007-06-19464N, 338W 2007-07-02464N, 271W 2007-06-09463N, 381W 2007-06-18462N, 396W 2007-06-18462N, 384W 2007-06-18460N, 567W 2007-06-19460N, 396W 2007-06-18460N, 336W 2007-07-02459N, 389W 2007-06-18459N, 213W 2007-06-17455N, 338W 2007-07-02450N, 503W 2007-07-02449N, 567W 2007-06-19448N, 328W 2007-07-02447N, 330W 2007-07-02447N, 317W 2007-07-02447N, 308W 2007-07-02444N, 504W 2007-07-02443N, 570W 2007-06-19442N, 306W 2007-07-02442N, 206W 2007-06-17441N, 514W 2007-07-02441N, 209W 2007-06-17437N, 514W 2007-07-02433N, 518W 2007-07-02433N, 203W 2007-06-17431N, 287W 2007-07-03427N, 265W 2007-06-09425N, 554W 2007-06-19422N, 525W 2007-07-02416N, 532W 2007-07-02416N, 197W 2007-06-17416N, 196W 2007-06-17415N, 591W 2007-06-19414N, 531W 2007-07-02414N, 259W 2007-06-09414N, 195W 2007-06-17413N, 594W 2007-07-11413N, 536W 2007-07-02405N, 563W 2007-07-11397N, 562W 2007-07-11393N, 557W 2007-07-11392N, 559W 2007-07-11390N, 557W 2007-07-11389N, 555W 2007-07-11380N, 569W 2007-07-11373N, 574W 2007-07-11366N, 579W 2007-07-11365N, 578W 2007-07-11226N, 488W 2007-05-31224N, 533W 2007-06-01223N, 544W 2007-06-01221N, 531W 2007-06-01221N, 521W 2007-05-31219N, 532W 2007-06-01204N, 470W 2007-05-31201N, 575W 2007-06-01198N, 565W 2007-06-01177N, 594W 2007-06-01166N, 443W 2007-05-31149N, 426W 2007-05-31148N, 425W 2007-05-31120N, 567W 2007-06-01117N, 565W 2007-06-04113N, 571W 2007-06-0486N, 494W 2007-06-0129N, 427W 2007-06-01
  8. hmmm well im not sure. wait and see what happens you will prolly only get warned. i just post in the domination forums that it was just an accident. a lot of the times i just dont say anything cause i can pretty much tell which ones dont have a membership. jjust send them a message saying you didnt know and it will be all good. for now. just dont attack him anymore. lol. also i prolly wait until i cash out to leave anyways due to dont want them coming after us. if i just leave now we will be down to like 3 settlements in a week
  9. are you in the forums yoda? your name is leor2d2 right if so i will make a thread in there to get you the 25 k you need. once i do that you will have to approve it.
  10. check it out yoda its worth it you can find deals and some good prices on moves once in awhile.also i was thinking about something last night about cashing out. I was thinking if i save enough mds to upgrade after i cash out. I would have to transfer the mds to one of you two and i would let you all have some for doing this. I would transfer it and then after its all said and done you could transfer it back to me. that way i could get my upgrades back a little faster
  11. hahah toby that is funny i was doing that too. hahha and before any of you post a trade make sure you let me know first so i can bid it up for you. if you put it in there i will put a high price and help you out.
  12. and i have given away atleast a hundred in trades just to give em away lol.
  13. i have a bunch of cards i am hoarding onto so that i can cash out at the end of the month. i figure i can either use the moves to get my max or trade to get the mds to max out. i traded some mds for some moves and i am back down to 200k but it dont take long to get 10kmds a day.Mars dollars 214906 MD Moves remaining 200 Anytime moves 1823 Total moves used 108608 Settlements joined 7260 Weapons level 20 Defense level 20 Intelligence level 10 Security level 10 Radar level 4 Scouting missions 1693 Successful scouting missions 999 Scouting missions done on you 472 Successful scouting missions done on you 419 Attacks 12598 Successful attacks you've performed 9763 Mars dollars recieved from your successful attacks 268084 MD Mars dollars lost from your failed attacks 44969 MD Attacks on you 3062 Successful attacks on you 1339 Mars dollars you won from failed attacks on you 21081 MD Mars dollars you lost from successful attacks on you 5480 MD Settlements you govern: (1880 total) White star 175 Redeem 100 cards for 100 moves Purple star 97 Orange star 149 Redeem 100 cards for 150 moves Green star 128 Redeem 100 cards for 150 moves Brown star 99 Rainbow star 113 Redeem 100 cards for 150 moves Black star 81 Redeem 50 cards for 250 moves Yellow star 4 Redeem 1 card for 500 moves Blue star 2 Redeem 1 card for 500 moves Red star 0 Homestead assault 96 Settlement takeover 13 Survival pack 48 Teleport 29 1000 MD 1 5000 MD 0 10000 MD 1 25000 MD 0
  14. yes its 50k if you want a loan i will loan it to you until the end of next month cause i prolly wont cash out till then. just let me know an i can transfer you the mds. also i think we should stay in domination cause it helps as far as us cashing out. if we all take turns cashing out then we will be killed on the bonuses. i think we also will have less people attacking us due to being in the largest alliance. i think this would be a good idea to help us hold on to our mds.
  15. well i was thinking about that yoda i will prolly get to around 320k mds come cash out time i think that would be close to 70 dollars. but if i dont cash out i will have plenty at the next cashout deadline. but we would still run into the same problem with the settlement deal. i think we need more members to be able to take advantage of the bonus.
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