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  1. What a great, great, great ending. Couldn't have asked for anything better
  2. They just started doing this show for the last eight episodes. It has been pretty cool. The one that had Hank on it, I thought he came across as a complete dick. My thought is that Walt Jr. takes out Sr. The hate he had for his dad in the phone conversation was crazy. I think Sr. goes back to finish business with Grey Matter and the uncle and then tries to reconcile with his family and Jr. takes dad out. Resulting in what Walt totally didn't want with his family completely falling apart. Everything he did was for his family but in turn everything went down the tubes.
  3. This is what I am starting think is going to happen. But the way this show goes who really knows. Its funny the one thing I keep thinking about with this show is please don't let the writers pussy out and do the Soprano's ending. I don't want to think what I believe happened or what looks like will happen. I want them to fill in the blanks and just give the show an ending.
  4. have nothing to really say about the show itself but did you guys seem Padma on last nights show? She was fan"boob"tastic
  5. Who knows if any one is around to talk about it but just figured I would mention it. Maybe at least we can come up with some good names for the contestants.
  6. so you guys playing anything? Been playing sleeping dogs lately. not too bad. Like a GTA type game but a lot less use of guns, which I really like. About 60 percent through the story mode enjoying it but just don't seem to have as much playing time as I once did. Also looking forward to Assasins Creed at the end of October. Just finished revelations and thought it was not bad but it just seemed to be really quick. Wasn't planning on buying Black Ops 2 but after seeing the multiplayer videos thinking I gotta get it. Looks pretty amazing. Not really looking forward to the stor
  7. figured I would post a reminder to you all for the premiere on Sunday.
  8. wow what an episode. Do you guys think Skylar can somehow use Jesse to get even with Walt? There interactions have been very interesting.
  9. that scene at the dinner table was so awkwardly funny I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Better episode tonight. I think somehow Walt dies at the end of the season in a Tony Montana type way. With the way he says he is growing and empire something just struck me when he said that. Sucks that there are only two episodes till next year though.
  10. wouldn't say last night was an amazing episode but you can see them building it for when walt finally explodes. I think that first few minutes that was in the season opener is after he takes out everyone including i think his wife.
  11. holy crap. I have finally finished season 4 and all I can say is holy shit wow. I kept up reading all of your guys posts as I was watching the show. Yes Gus is an amazing character. And that last scene where they showed the plant in Walt's yard made me nearly shit my pants. This show is truly amazing and can't wait for season 5. One thing this forum has given me is the reason to watch two of the best series I have ever watched. Breaking bad and The Wire I will forever be grateful for FCP for those two shows. Also just thought about it Breaking bad had 5 seasons and the Wire had 5 seaso
  12. been watching a lot of episodes on the audience network on Direct TV. they are on season 4 right now. Amazing watching the how the kids grow up and to know what they become.
  13. okay totally off subject of the wire but has anyone watched breakout kings? I didn't really want to create a new topic incase there was no interest but it does have Herc in it. Season 2 just started and season 1 is streaming on netflix. Just started watching a couple of the episodes seems not too bad.
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