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  1. AgreeYou see the womens 100 meters ? the usa have complained and launched an appeal o0o0o0o0
  2. Cheers Q Off for a bit while i think if its worth me playing anymore goodluck all
  3. My dad had a datsun van which went for ever, then when he decided to get a new one after about 12 years ( was a work van so did like 25 years driveing in 12 years) he bought the same van only this one was a nissan.He bought that when i was ten and sold it like ten years later to a friend, i am thirty now and that van is still going strong
  4. Gaffer

    The Questions Game

    Yes, do you think i should do more research ?
  5. yeah russia are looking good, they have rolled over portsmouth
  6. Yeah mebbe i am, yeah time to take some time off. Plus my mouse has died ( pc mouse i dont keep real ones )
  7. Thansk for the advice guys.I see were you are going with this now, and yes the qq was a mistake pre-flop
  8. Nah i think it was ok, i was at the table i knew what action was going on, i know what your saying but like 75% of the time i would raise with this, but this time i called and was doing fine, you may think its bad, but just because you have a big pair dosent mean you have to raise 100% of the time.What if i raise there 5 times the bb ? and get no action, what if he shoves all in i am still getting beat, i dont think its stupid, i think that i am mixing my play...its a bad beat nothing else than that.Why is it stupid or dumb ?Edit: that was the first hand i limped all tourney, yeah its passive
  9. this is how i run i know i am slowplaying but i get my read spot on, and it just happens all the time.I think i may quit cause i think i suck bad PokerStars Game #19670284442: Tournament #100868422, $1.00+$0.10 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2008/08/16 - 19:33:49 (ET)Table '100868422 24' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: mosalyers (850 in chips) Seat 2: onedaythe1 (1915 in chips) Seat 3: Jgb8879 (730 in chips) Seat 4: Mr.B5 (3255 in chips) Seat 5: TwiztidChamp (2565 in chips) Seat 6: raisinghell (805 in chips) is sitting outSeat 7: midvalley42 (410 in chips) Seat 8: ford2424 (1265 in
  10. Yeah but its makeing us millions, ( tourism for the win )
  11. Good show made in cardiff and swansea :-) Wales's biggest export atm
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