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  1. I am looking for encouragement or some helpful advice....I would call a friend, but.... my poker buddy (best friend of 8 years) was killed in a tragic accident 2 years ago. Him and I did a lot of traveling to play poker, a lot of fun late night online poker sessions and since his death, I have been playing by myself (which isn't as much fun).As everyone knows, the game has lots of variance with good times and bad... right now I am going through a bad streak and I am considering taking my last bit of money from my bankroll and driving to the local casino to take a shot at making some money. I
  2. It was my first time at a table, I bought in for $100 and played premium hands, ULTRA aggressive. Essentially, I ended up buying every pot I played simply because people didn't want to risk their entire stack. My stack was around $1200, the average at the table was... between $400 and $600.It was a strategy that seemed to work for me. I just don't want to be a discrace to the game or take the fun out of it for other people, although it was the most profitable for me.
  3. Is this wrong?@ a $5 NL table (Ring Game)... a table of 10.Everyone calls the $5 to see a flop...on the flop a few bet $15... a few fold. Pot is now about $80Someone has top pair or top two pair, or a set.Someone is on a flush draw or straight draw.Is it wrong is over bet the pot by $200-300 to get the flush draws and the straight draws out of there?
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