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  1. 1) I don't have any numbers on hand, but 33% rakeback on cake would be much higher than that I would think. Other freebies like small field freerolls and rake races make it a no brainer. I'll send a pm in a minute about that...2) It's not bad, considering you are 9 tabling it is actually pretty good. Might want to try focusing on less tables in order to get better reads though. Also, on cake there is no pokertracker/huds, so you may not be able to multitable that many tables at once.
  2. I'd shove it. If he calls and loses he is pretty much the next one out unless he wins on his SB next hand. He will be folding many hands, maybe even some you are behind (like A9-AJ).Even if you get called by 99-KK or a dominating ace, you are still about 30% to win. I am guessing that you shoved, he snap called with JJ-KK and you won the hand.
  3. I fold but I am a nit too. This is virtually never a hand like a lower set or aces up, which leaves a pure bluff or the nuts. Nearly always the nuts in my experience. KQJ9 FTL
  4. This hand is fine, though I bet less on the river to induce calls from hands like 99-JJ. Fold as played as this is virtually never a bluff. He is looking for max value against trips/flushes.
  5. There is your problem. Ram is cheap as dirt, go get some!
  6. Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big With Expert Play (Paperback)by Ed Miller (Author), David Sklansky (Author), Mason Malmuth (Author) Is the perfect book for those no fold'em hold'em games.FWIW I don't think anyone can win money in the long term at a live 2-4 LHE game due to the massive, massive rake.
  7. He cold called a 3bet preflop. He isn't doing this with any hand with a 2 in it unless he's a total donk. 22 doesn't lead that flop. The only hand I am even remotely worried about is A2. I cap the turn and probably raise-call the river as well. It is much more likely that he has a smaller set or aces up.
  8. He probably just got there with JhTh because you didn't bet the turn hard enough.
  9. Buy a 2nd monitor and arrange the tables so you can see at least part of each one at all times. I used to play 6 on my single 19" CRT just fine. I would put one in each corner, then make a small vertical gap between the left two and right two. Then put the 5th table centered and slightly below the top row, the 6th entered and slightly above the bottom row.
  10. I did because stupid bad beat forum posts always show up on the front page... Any way I can disable that?
  11. 12-1 on the flop I can't see not calling with 2 overs and a backdoor flush and straight draw, even if it costs you 2 bets to see the turn in the case someone raises.
  12. Shove river. He is calling any pp above 9's, perhaps even with ATC to play the board.
  13. One of the villains has KK here like always. I just call the river and hope it's UTG, so that the other villain just calls and I can showdown for 1BB rather than 3 or 4 on those times my flush is no good.
  14. If all the players were 100BB deep maybe you can fold given the action. Around 30 BBs deep? Never folding.
  15. Playing for 8 hours in one day is not even close to the same as playing four different 2 hour recreational sessions. Your winrate will drop, and if you aren't experienced at handling the swings and tilts, you might not even be a winner at all playing that many hands.
  16. Just call and hope he only has AQ and not AK, AJ, KK or JJ. His line is very strong and his river bet looks like he is swining for the fences with a near nut hand, hoping you'll pay off with trips or the flush.
  17. At microstakes you don't need to be creative in either game. The difference is bluffing in NLH involves things like continuation bets or simply betting with nothing after an opponent checks. In PLO your bluffs are nearly all semibluffs and/or for value.
  18. If stack sizes were reversed, I would sneak another $10 onto the table to put in the middle.
  19. Ouch. Take your $3K and buy something nice
  20. EDIT: Ah my bad, didn't see it was in the Omaha hi/lo forum. I just saw the stars HH said Pot Limit Omaha. Preflop raise is definitely good.On the flop you have no pair, 3 out gutshot draw to the nut straight, backdoor draw to the nut flush. Your baby flush might be worth a couple outs because of the chance you will hit it and just lose more money. 6 outs at best here. FOLD.
  21. Like half the scratched cards in games like that I've seen the dealer has had quads or a straight flush. Super uber standard.It's probably to get numbskulls back into the store where they bought it (thinking they won against that straight OR flush), so that they can buy more tickets.
  22. 30BBs deep and you got it in with the best hand.Where is the question?
  23. I like the preflop raise size, perhaps even a bit bigger if they all love to call big raises. As it stands you have a bit more than a pot sized bet left, so you want to get all in. But knowing that both of them are interested in the pot already, I might check or make a small bet to get them all to come along for the all in ride. Especially with the maniac on your left.
  24. Standard. Just like my LHE session last night. In a raised pot, I flop a set with 44 on an A4x board and check-raise (3bet), a guy calls 3 cold with pocket 10's. Turn blank, he calls again. River 10 and it gets capped.These guys are giving their money away in the long run.
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