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  1. So, for example, you're saying it's better to be a 90% favorite to win a 3000 chip pot, than being a 100% favorite to win a 50 chip pot over and over and over again?edit = sure, it's "easier" to get chips faster, but it's also a lot "easier" to bust (even against people who are making bad plays)
  2. Absolutely this. Play the 0.10 - 360'sThe 10c - 360's will teach you how to multi-table without going insane. 1st place is 8 bucks. Play every single one that fills up while you're playing. 10c - 360 = reach $50 and move up to the $1 - 45 manThat's what I did. You could go grind micro cash games too, but they're too boring imo, at least at the stakes I played.
  3. Random comments on min-bet1. If you're the button, and both blinds are in push-fold, min-raising is enough (read that somewhere, prolly poker road)2. Big stacks normally use it to push you around if you're OOP and feel that you're just c-betting. 3. post-flop in low stakes cash, on a ragged flop = SET4. Useful for getting thin value sometimesThat's all I got
  4. Good point, I actually have no idea how to prove it, though. But it does seem rather obvious, right? That you want less people who offer resistance and are giving away free chips.
  5. Huh?Hmm, let's see, maybe I didn't get it, but, your question is, in a 9 handed table, is it better toA) Have 7 people sitting out.B) Have less than 7 people sitting out.It's obvious you want 7 people sitting out. You only have 1 person to worry about. Knock him out, and proceed to steal everyone's blinds every hand.If you're thinking that other people are going to amass more chips because of bigger pots pre-flop and further action, that's beyond the point. IT'S ALWAYS AN ADVANTAGE (CHIP-WISE) TO HAVE PEOPLE SITTING OUT....
  6. Ok, how about this, $2.20's on some weekdays (time restriction: I can only play about 5 straight hours, so I normally load up every tourney until I've been playing for 3 and a half hours (each tourney lasts about one and a half hours). I could only play about 15 $4.40's in that time frame, while I can play around 50 $2.20's. $4.40's on saturdays (to try them out, I've only played like 40-50 I think. But I used to play 4 tables, so I had better reads). Then, if all goes well, at $2,400, do the $12 - 180's. If 100 BI downswing, rinse, repeatsound good?
  7. Hi everyone. I think I need to move up in stakes. I've logged 3000 games at $2.20 - 180s, with an ROI of around 40% (brag?). What should be my next step? (assuming my bankroll's at around $1200 because I cashed out).Should I1. Stay there, build the roll until I have $2,400 ( So I can play the $12- 180s )2. Play $1 - 45 man to get used to the structure, and then play the $6 - 45 man?Notes: The sole objective is to increase my hourly rate without increasing my risk of ruin (that much). I multi-table, so reads are minimal most of the time. I hate $4.40's. They're soft as hell, but they take to
  8. Perfect. A Desktop it is then. Thanks HighwayStar and FCP Bob
  9. I'm planning on buying a mini-laptop (Acer Aspire One) or a PC and 2 monitors to grind small stakesSo, is the topic do-able? Will pokerstars run smoothly if I multi-table on it? (around 15-18 tables, but I'd like to learn to play more in the future). Anyone know the minimum requirements, or things I should know before buying it? Resolutions? Video Card? Adapter? etcThanks everyone
  10. I've dabbled a bit in these lately. I'm kinda lost in some situations. Some input is appreciated. 1. blinds at 50-100, in the cutoff with KQ and 1500 chips. I should ship it everytime, correct? I'm probably not raise/folding that stack anyways, might as well shove?2. blinds at 50-100, I'm in the button with AJo and 3000 chips. UTG shoves 1500, It folds to me. Assuming UTG hasn't been very active.... fold?3. blinds at 400-800, 25 bb stack limps, 15 bb stack raises to 3x, folds to me in the BB holding 44 with 3200 chips total. Fold? I know this is too nitty, but I expect to 1)
  11. Thanks for the pm. Upon further research, it seems the fpp's (as rakeback) on pokerstars is only worth it if you're a supernova or maybe at least platinum star, sooooo I'll be making the move shortly. I prefer that they don't support pokertracker. I've never used it. It's probably a disadvantage on Stars, but there's probably not too many people using it at those stakes. But maybe I'm being naive. ps: I'll use that code too
  12. Hi everyone. I'm debating whether to move my roll from Pokerstars to Cake, and I could use some help.I'm 9 tabling full ring cash games ($0.10-$0.25) and will be earning 120 FPP's per hour by February (60 vpps per hour). Each FPP is worth 1.14 cents (by using the $285 cash bonus). So that's $1.37 per hour.1) Anyone know approximately how much I would be getting on Cake?and2) On another topic, what would be a decent win-rate at these stakes? I've logged about 88 hours (I don't have pokertracker yet because my POS computer can't load it), but that should be about 50K hands. I'm at 2.68 big blind
  13. A great article on Bankroll Management = http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-articles/...agement-2425952I know how you feel. I played 10NL and it's really brutally and amazingly booooring. Maybe you should start at $0.10/$0.25 so you can get the hang of online play + multitabling with less risk. With my limited cash game experience (I've logged probably about 30 hours, four tabling), I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference between $0.10 / $0.25 and $0.25 / $0.50. They probably check-raise a little more and are a little more agressive at the latter, but it's clearly not terrifyingly good.
  14. Thanks for the replies Dingas, Fighter and Shark. I wasn't reloading when I got down to 30 BB's or something. I'm used to fighting it out but reloading is clearly the way to go. About calling a short stack's raise with the sole intention of set-mining, shouldn't I get more than 8 to 1 for the times I hit the set and don't stack him? If I think I'll stack him 1 out of 3 times... I think I should overcompensate for this, so he would have to have about 11 times his initial raise? yes? no? I guess it depends too, if the flop comes 247 or 352, I'm probably not folding 66 to a shove anyways. Could
  15. Hi everyone. Could u guys give me some advice on cash game strategy? (full ring = $0.10/ $0.25 and $0.25 / $0.50). I just started playing cash games the past week (I've always played live tourneys only and recently started playing online after a 2 year hiatus), but I'm certainly clueless on some spots...1) Should I be open raising Q9, QT, K9 on the button against tight passives? C-bet depending on the flop texture? Or is it not worth it?2) Rule of thumb for calling a short stack's raise with a small pocket pair? He should have about 12-13 times the raise, or am I way off?3) Should I be
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