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  1. You're not protecting your hand well enough. Thats all I can really tell you. A pair on the flop isn't really a monster, a lot can come after.
  2. Can't win any chips if you don't risk your own.
  3. i always like to limp in with these hands especially when there are many limpers behind. Hit a big flop 2 pair, straight or trips. Top pair is usually quite weak.
  4. Last night I got 360th... I got into a big pot I held JJ on he BB, button shove a10 Hearts. GG
  5. yeah im in it right now... approx 740 of 2200 of 9652 entrantsim hoping to cash in it. ill share my results..alright at the break.. 757 of 1394... top 1080 cash-so im almost there.750 of 1250 and counting 750 of 1200k i made it into the money... lol 715 of 1050 now a big $2.20 Wooooo.I went out with ace ace all in... against KQ suited flop came 10 Q Q... FML
  6. Has anyone here ever cashed or maybe won the daily dollar tourny that runs on FULL TILT?It's got a lot of players maybe one day ill win it lol.
  7. My fav is the cash games NLHE with any amount of players.but also like HU SNG, 6-9 or 90 SNG. or bigger tournies but they are only profitable with a bigger BR.
  8. You are officially a hater...hate on...I never seen the video before, and i use swearing because my english is ****ing good
  9. NLHEHow important is it to be tight...?How important is it to be aggressive?How important is it to mix up your game?Is limping in ever useful?I know this is a general question, but you can add your own situations...Ex. Cash Game 6 or 9 player, any SNGS(near cash or beginning) or HU...
  10. I think if its heads up.. They wont call it dead or something weird like that
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