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  1. I guess the point was that you're only going to get called if you are beat, so you are probably better off letting them bet/call etc. especially since the scare cards (spades, 7, 8) are obvious and you can safely fold if they hit. If they don't hit, you have more a bluff catcher than a hand you can value raise with.
  2. I like the flop action. If you raise you will only get hands that you crush to fold. Any spade draw (especially at a bad table) won't fold unless you put a HUGE raise in, which would lead to you only getting called by a better hand. Same thing on the turn, if you raise you are only getting called by a stronger hand, say 77, 88 or less likely a better deuce. Usually when a player makes a comment like 'really?', especially someone who thinks they are great, it can mean just about anything because she probably just wants people to think she is smart. I've seen that a lot anyways. The UTG pl
  3. In San Diego Sycuan casino has a smoke free section of the casino with Pit games, machines and the poker room closed off from the rest of the casino. I just got into the habit of smoking cigars myself so I guess I'll have to wait until I leave for the day. Answer: Move to El Cajon?
  4. No need to be a(n)(______(insert obscenity)_
  5. whoops, I read the flop as 2 clubs. I be a retard and that's why I play with a 4 color deck . . .If you read him as calling big bets with weaker hands tehn you can overbet, but against a normal opponent it's much too large.
  6. If he is calling light, why are you shoving light with a good draw? By that I mean, what do you WANT calling you? I think there is an argument for making a hand and then betting big against an opponent you read as someone who calls off light. The only hands I could picture calling worse than yours might be AQ or a weaker spade draw. I like the bet if he is the type of opponent you read to fold to a semi bluff, but if he is either completely bluffing(and folding to a raise) or has you beat and forcing you to catch a spade A or K. When you hit one of your many outs if you read him right, he
  7. If the jacks are live, you are deep (early in the tourney or a big stack) I like a call, especially if another king is out and/or no Ace behind you. You can get paid off very well if you catch a jack on 4th or even fifth. If you catch something ok like a ten I would also go to fifth for a bet.
  8. I don't know if anyone here likes to do Scratchers (being a -EV proposition, but fun nonetheless) but I took a pretty sick beat while scratching my POKER NIGHT Scratcher.I usually play the bingo scratcher, but the 7-11 was out so I decided to go with a $3 poker scratcher. For those who haven't seen one of these, you get 'dealt' 6 hands, each of which has its' own prize that you win if you beat the dealers 5 card hand. Usually the dealer has two pair or three of a kind, and the prizes range from $3-$50K. Rather than just scratch the whole thing as fast as I can, I scratch the prizes first, s
  9. I don't like the check raise, either way the K and the J are folding, but the Ten would probably fold to a lead, you just committed him. Take it down early, you have a really crappy hand but a really awesome board. Don't get fancy. Oh, Razz is a tough game to check raise because the best board leads and a check looks kind of suspicious. Your cards would shuffle if he called, so he wouldn't know precisely when you caguth bet, just that at some point, you had.
  10. The old stud adage is 'if you can't beat your opponents board, GET OUT!'If he can't beat your open Aces, why would he give you .55? To see if your hand was even better than his dead hand?
  11. I think you've gotta raise the turn. Make it around $100, you'll still get calls from a lot of worse hands, mainly big spades. It would be hard for a lot of players to put you on a 5 there, or even a boat. That's a perfect river for value as well, raise a little more, but shove? IDK.
  12. What kind of stupid prop bet did he lose to have to **** Annie Duke?
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