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  1. oh that's me right now. look what i can make people do!Full Tilt Poker Game #12075786053: MiniFTOPS Event #1 (84239296), Table 2286 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:13:45 ET - 2009/05/07Seat 1: Cashflo23 (92,887)Seat 2: heel012 (235,088)Seat 3: mc4chess (319,104)Seat 4: migs55 (148,472)Seat 5: Snittzel03 (287,374)Seat 6: mlindinger (104,224)Cashflo23 antes 500heel012 antes 500mc4chess antes 500migs55 antes 500Snittzel03 antes 500mlindinger antes 500heel012: sighheel012 posts the small blind of 2,000mc4chess posts the big blind of 4,000The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt
  2. i am not taking this too seriously.Full Tilt Poker Game #12075498226: MiniFTOPS Event #1 (84239296), Table 2286 - 1400/2800 Ante 350 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:47:22 ET - 2009/05/07Seat 1: Cashflo23 (35,883)Seat 2: heel012 (124,542)Seat 3: mc4chess (104,898)Seat 4: Sack Crusher (269,984)Seat 5: Pocket9zz (46,504)Seat 6: skiboy (66,954)Cashflo23 antes 350heel012 antes 350mc4chess antes 350Sack Crusher antes 350Pocket9zz antes 350skiboy antes 350Pocket9zz posts the small blind of 1,400skiboy posts the big blind of 2,800The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to heel012 [3h 2c]Cashflo23 has r
  3. mincashed ftops, still in mini. bleh.
  4. Sigh what in the world made me want to play these. Oh well.30.5k in mini, 8k in ftops.
  5. I think its interesting how you were the only one who's reading comprehension shouted "oh yeah it's a race to 20!". And it's pretty interesting how none of the above reasons showed up in your bullet points. Oh well, I'm done w/ this thread, gl w/ everything.
  6. lol i just don't understand your actions in this thread at all. First you say you're gonna play him, speculate on the sidebets people are gonna make, and then explain how you're going to systematically crush his soul by running him over (yeah guies, this is the Cadillac of poker, and you am the Cadillac of players, YOU APPLY PRESSURE), then you decide "oh wait I am way too good for some 11 dollar sngs, I am much more +EV in 45 mans/180 mans." Oh yeah, I forgot that MTT SNGs take 5 minutes, sorry about that; I guess I was wrong and you were right, those MTT SNGS sure are shorter then HU matches
  7. sick sample size.man up and play, if you have this much time to post about random shit on a poker forum, I'm sure you have time to play 40 HU SNGs. Despite what you said in your post rejecting his offer, everybody does think you're a puss for not making "Sick Boy" (wtf at that sn) shut up.
  8. haha i guess you got your wish, freerolllll for you. heel012 on ftp
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