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  1. I have these at home, so just in case any of you do I thought you might be interested to know about the Shrek glass recallhttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/McDonalds-pu...set=&ccode=
  2. bad news: post rebuild failed again, restarting for 3rd time. good news: mostly everything else is done; pms rebuilt, hooks installed, etcfrom VB's twitter.....doh!
  3. 2 Members: rvrchsrhtr, Giggidy <-----------------------HI!
  4. lol @ spilling your drink at 1am and it being dr. pepperaren't you in Vegas???damn crazy youngins Oh yeah...Hello FCP
  5. the ? is how many blonde 20 somethings disappeared mysteriously while you were there?
  6. SOB I can't believe I come back here for a day and Evelyn NG is at the top WTF?God Anti u go on vacation and the world goes to hell...sighLong Live David Williams
  7. I shrug and move all my chips to the middle. I think you could be ahead PF raiser could have something along the lines of AKhh short stack could have paired the board (not this hand matters with stack size). no matter what you have outs and as long as your not looking at 9T which being you have 99 isn't likely you are still very live. If you are going for 1st I think you have to take your shot here. Blinds go up way to fast in these things and you need to gamble here IMO
  8. I would call and really hope the board pairs on the end. barring any reads I may have had I would have just called down the whole way from the flop fwiw
  9. For a nice light lager that has an excellent taste and goes down smooth I suggest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stella_Artoismmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty
  10. lmfao....... pigs pffft everyone knows sheep push back harder
  11. this bump cuz i'm sick of seeing anti's name here
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