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  1. of course it's in his interests to continue to the end given those numbers. As it stands, he has a 25% chance of winning $250,000 or he can sell out for $19,500. $250,000/4 > $19,500, so he should take another box. Obviously, though it depends on his personal situation. If, for example, his wife needs an operation costing $17,000 and there is no other way he can afford it but from his winnings on this game show, then he should take the settlement. But from a pure $EV standpoint, it's clear that he should continue.
  2. I agree with your logic. I actually would consider folding the turn cause the pot is so small and your hand can't improve. Anyway, I think the river is a clear fold. On the turn there is some possibility that both players have draws, but not after a bet and call on a blank river. At best you're chopping with another A5 here.
  3. I don't really see what is being debated in this hand.EDIT - If you put him on a very tight range because of preflop then I think calling the flop might be the best play to let him continue to bet his AK.
  4. I think with his monsters he is going to take a trickier line on the flop instead of just betting out. And AA or KK are unlikely because of preflop, so you should go all in. NH
  5. This is wrong. Protecting your hand against draws is an important reason for betting in many situations. Getting value for your hand and provoking opponents to make incorrect calls are other reasons. But okay, I agree with your general point, in NLHE most of your value does come from getting people to make incorrect calls (this is not necessarily true in other forms of poker though).BTW: OP you played the hand fine.
  6. I don't disagree with your assessment of DN's character, but you'll probably notice in life that almost all successful people have a similar characteristic. Way of the world, my friend...
  7. I might not raise this hand preflop. It's not a bad hand, but it's not that great. In a tournament it might be better to play it safe and limp.I kind of feel the same about the flop. This looks like a great flop for your hand, but the problem is that you have no made hand at all, so you won't be a significant favorite against any of villian's range (unless villian has something like 9TJ2). True, your draw is pretty big, you're like 40% against a set and a coinflip against 2-pair, but still I think a call is better because you are almost never a favorite when your raise is called. If you could
  8. I guess you would nut peddle post flop and play pretty tight preflop. I would think that hands like uncoordinated big pairs would go way down in value. Also low straight and flush draws would probably be unplayable. I think you would be looking to play high suited cards almost exclusively, and maybe highly coordinated middle rundowns like 6789Tds.
  9. I don't like the three bet from the small blind preflop. As played, you are holding blockers to the possible straight draws so that might make me lean towards taking a stab on the flop.
  10. Villain check-called the flop and turn so you can't put him on a strong hand like a set. Even if he was calling down with a weak two-pair, the 8 is going to be a scare card for him so he probably won't call the river if you bet again.Then there's the factor that the 8 filled a lot of draws he could have been holding (and he played his hand like a draw). All in all when you bet and he calls I think you're beat most of the time, making a bet the wrong move.
  11. I don't think you get called by many hands that you beat. Just check behind.
  12. well the thing is that if he doesn't have the flush what does he have that will pay off a raise? Just flat call and if you lose you live to fight another day.
  13. I think the preflop call is pretty bad. The implied odds really aren't that good - pretty much the only highly profitable flops for you will be quads vs. top full house or the nut straight with a heart draw and those don't come along often. You'll more often get into trouble flopping a set of fives on a low board.The river should be a pretty easy call. Aside from T5, T3, TT, and 33 being pretty unlikely combos, the play on the preflop, flop, and turn is not consistent with those hands.
  14. Well played, probably. It sucks to fold but I don't think he's betting the river without a straight.
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